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Actors That Stole My Heart (K-Drama Male Leads Edition)

With the immense popularity of Korean dramas, there are many actors that are particularly popular. In fact there are many actors from all generations that are grabbing attention left and right. I could list many actors that I have grown up watching (including actors that are in their 50s now LOL) that I love. But, I’m going to list out a few actors who are male leads, are relatively new to the acting scene, and that have stolen my heart <3

1. Ong Seongwoo (옹성우)
A 26 year old singer and actor, most well known for his participation in survival show Produce 101 Season 2, where he finished fifth place and was part of the K-pop boy group Wanna One. After Wanna One’s disbandment, Seongwoo made his acting debut as the male lead in At Eighteen (2019). He has also established his solo career with the release of his solo debut album, Layers, on March 25, 2020. He recently starred as the male lead in a drama called More Than Friends (2020). In 2019, he received many awards for his acting, including Rookie Actor Award and Best New Actor. From Produce 101, he was my number 1 pick, even after Wanna One I have been following his career because he is so talented. Not only is he physically attractive, but he is honestly an all-rounder (singer, dancer, model, actor), he can do EVERYTHING…and do it all REALLY WELL!

2. Rowoon (로운)
A 25 year old singer and actor, most well known for being the lead vocalist of K-pop group, SF9. He made his acting debut in School 2017 and then got his first lead role in the drama, Extra-ordinary You (2019). He is one of the most successful members of SF9 with solo activities. He recently signed on to a model contract with a makeup brand called KLAVUU and in April 2020 he became the new brand ambassador for Gong Cha Korea (which was originally occupied by famous actor Park Seo-jun). In 2019, he won Best New Actor and in 2020 he won Male Actor Idol of the Year. I first encountered Rowoon through SF9 and thought “wow a Korean man can be that tall” LOL! Then I saw him in his first lead drama and fell in love with him even more. After that, I have been following SF9 and Rowoon’s solo activities.  I honestly cannot wait to see more of him in the future!

3. Cha Eun-woo (차은우)
A 24 year old singer and actor, most well known for being the face of K-pop group, Astro. He made his acting debut before becoming a K-pop idol in 2014 with a minor role in a drama called My Brilliant Life. He got his first lead role in a drama called Gangnam Beauty (2018), that’s where his immense popularity as an actor came to be. After that drama, he started landing other lead roles, whereas now he is starring as the male lead in a drama called True Beauty (which I am in love with right now!). He has won Best New Actor, Rising Star, Best Couple awards in the past few years since he started acting. I will say his popularity had to start off with his adorable and (basically) perfect face, like “how can someone actually look like that?”. Whenever I see his face on the screen, I cannot help but smile, he is so adorable and handsome at the same time. 

4. Song Kang (송강) 
A 27 year old actor, well known for his first lead role in the drama, Love Alarm (2019). He is also gaining traction because of his lead role in the drama adapted from webtoon, Sweet Home (2020) that aired on Netflix. Back in 2018 he hosted a music broadcast program on SBS called Inkigayo, alongside Seventeen’s Mingyu and DIA’s Chae-yeon. I honestly did not know who Song Kang was for the longest time. Hewas only a face that I would see here and there as an extra in dramas. However, once I saw Love Alarm, I fell for his charm! And after watching Sweet Home, it made me appreciate his acting skills even more too! Of course, I fell for his handsome face at first, but after watching him more and more, his skills are incredible and I really wish him the best in his future endeavors (you know I’ll be keeping my eye out for him hehehe). 

Again these are just a few of the male lead actors that I have really fallen for…and there are MANY MORE! (but I cannot list fifteen plus actors or this article will get too long LOL)

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Shannon Kang is a California native. She is finished community college back in her hometown and is now enrolled at University of California, San Diego to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Communications. After undergrad she is planning on furthering her education to pursue an MBA in management and operations. When it comes to tasks and her interests she is determined and persistent, she will not stop till she gets what she wants. Her interests include, music (KPOP stan), food (total foodie), Asian culture, fashion, skin care, and literature.
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