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A Post-Grad Survival Guide: Tips on Navigating Life After College

It’s officially graduation season. All across the country graduates are transitioning from college students to career professionals, which can be an exciting journey, but when the fantasies of post-grad life don’t match reality, things can get overwhelming. Follow this quick post-grad survival guide for tips on how to manage life after college. 

Explore, explore, and explore

This is meant in every sense of the word! Pursue new friendships, visit new places, and explore career opportunities that you would not have previously considered. Post-grad life is a time in which every decision you make affects the next, so make the most out of it. Don’t hold yourself back from exploring new things, especially not because of fear! 

Accept the life transition

Although life after college may be a bit nerve racking, it’s important to remember that nearly everyone experiences post-grad anxiety. Whether it’s due to loss of structure, inability to secure employment, or just a general fear or what’s to come, most people can say that they have experienced some sort of nervousness about their transition out of college. These concerns are totally normal and valid as they are signs of great change – not personal failure! So, if you find yourself getting wrapped up in your own thoughts, just remind yourself that this is a time for personal growth. 

Reject social comparisons 

I know. Easier said than done, right? While it may be difficult not to compare yourself to others, it is absolutely crucial. In order to reject social comparisons, it is important to identify the things that prompt them. Many people, including myself, have found that social media has a role in this. While it may seem as though every time you open Instagram or LinkedIn someone is celebrating the next step in their post-grad life, that does not necessarily mean that you should be doing the same. Remember, everyone moves at their own pace! 

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Post-grad life can be tough and scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It is my hope that this piece of advice has helped alleviate some of the worries that come with entering this pivotal point in your life. Finishing college is something worth celebrating, so congratulations to the graduating class of 2022!

Laylani Cedano is a first year transfer student at the University of California San Diego. She is currently a Communication major and plans to pursue a career as a talent manager in the entertainment industry. During her free time she enjoys roller-skating, thrifting, and hanging out with friends. Some of her interests include music, film, and anything pop culture!
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