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5 Small Changes to Improve Your Daily Routine

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Over the past month, I made it a goal of mine to focus on improving my daily routine. It has always been difficult for me to structure my days in a way that gives me enough time to myself and to practice self care. I definitely struggle with prioritizing breaks in my day and have the desire to constantly feel like I am doing something productive. Although this is something that I am continuing to work on, I feel like I have started to discover ways that I can take time for myself.  I want to share with you the five small things that I have started doing on a daily basis that have made big changes in my life.


I am sure that you have all heard this by now, but meditation is one of the most beneficial things you can easily add into your life. I try to start my days with meditation immediately after waking up. As someone who is new to developing this skill, I opt for guided meditations. If you are new to meditation like me, I recommend using Headspace. This app has numerous guided meditations at all different levels of experience. Taking time for yourself in this way sets the entire tone for your day and will leave you feeling calm and connected with yourself.  It will amaze you how meditating for a few minutes can completely change your day.


Getting outside and feeling the sunlight on your skin is an instant way to improve your day. Even if I feel tight on time, I make sure that I go on a walk for at least twenty minutes on every school day. Not only is it a great way to get exercise in, it gives you time to listen to music or your favorite podcast and recharge. Walks are therapeutic and are a great way to break up the monotony of work or school. 

Limiting Social Media

This may be the most beneficial thing I started doing for myself. I put a screen time limit that does not allow me to use any of my social media between 7- 11 a.m.  In the past, I had developed a habit of going on my phone immediately after waking up. This often left me in bed longer than I anticipated or left me feeling drowsy. By replacing this time on my phone with meditation, my morning mood has improved drastically and I am able to leave bed on time.


Over winter break, I started to become inconsistent with exercising. As soon as I returned to school I made the effort to go to the gym four days a week. Working out can take on so many forms. Regardless of what your preference is, I guarantee you will sleep better, your confidence will increase, and you will feel productive at the end of the day even if your only accomplishment was exercising. It feels great to know that you are doing something for yourself in a way that benefits you physically and mentally. 


The last thing that everyone should try to incorporate into their daily routines is taking time to read for fun. I usually schedule twenty minutes in my day to read a book of my choice. It is such a great way to unwind or even just entertain yourself without having to stare at a screen. I recommend setting a goal for yourself that is reasonable. My goal is to read one book a month this year. Incorporating reading into your life in a way that works best for you will improve your day to day life.

I hope that you either adopt some of these practices in your own life, or that they at least inspire you to make other beneficial changes to your routine. Trust me, it is the little things that have the greatest impact on your daily life and remind you just how great it is to be alive. 

Anna Claire is a second year at UCSD, majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics. She loves to read, write, go on hikes and is passionate about social justice. Her favorite places to be are the beach or in the desert surrounded by Joshua Trees and a starry sky.
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