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The 5 Best Places To Get Coffee At UCSD

Hello collegiettes! If you are anything like me, your day doesn’t begin until you have a cup (or five) of coffee. Well I have compiled a list of the top five places to get coffee on campus to make sure you aren’t dozing off in your 8 am. (or maybe you’re doing both dozing and drinking)


1. Art of Espresso (Mandeville Coffee Cart)


This place is AMAZING. Located right outside the Mande Weiss theater in Mandeville, Art of Espresso has a patio, great service, and AMAZING coffee. The quality is just so good! They have a grand selection of teas, coffee, coffee freezes, and espresso. I get the iced vanilla latte and it’s a perfect pick-me-up between classes. Another great feature is that they are FAST! They always have a full staff working and you can get in and out before your next class that starts in five minutes.  

2. Muirwoods Coffee (MOM, Middle of Muir)


This cozy cafe resides in, like the names says, the middle of Muir College. This is a great place to wind down, drink some great coffee, and do a little studying. There are plenty of couches and chairs to lounge in! Also, they do latte art… I’m a sucker for latte art…  

3. Perks


Located kind of underneath/inside of the UCSD bookstore, Perks could be considered a hidden gem of coffee greatness. The atmosphere can be crowded but cozy, and it’s a perfect place to meet with a professor or group to study while enjoying goodies like the Nutella latte. Also, Perks even offers a selection of lunch items like paninis and sandwiches. You can get your sandwich and caffeine all in one place!

4. Fairbanks Coffee Co.


The best part about this coffee cart is the the sheer amount of these carts located around campus. There are SO MANY! And they are conveniently located by all of your classes. Run up to the cart, grab a coffee, and jet to class!  

5. Java City:

Located in each of our markets, Java City will kick your caffeine need and it’s basically free because you can use your Dining Dollars. Hehe. I have even seen some latte art in Roger’s. UCSD baristas are stepping it up!

So colliegiettes, I hope this guide satisfies all of your coffee needs!

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