The 12 Stages of Taking Exams Throughout the Quarter

1.     Realizing it’s only been two weeks since break ended and you already have your first round of midterms next week.


2.     And because its only week two, you’ve made too many plans for the weekend, so you put off studying until Sunday night.

3.     Then all of a sudden its 3:30 am on Monday morning and you’re regretting all of your decisions.


4.     And at the end of week 3 and 4 after finishing the first round, you regret your mistakes even more because you’re pretty sure you failed everything.


5.     All of a sudden you’ve got that second round of midterms for those classes where midterm actually means MIDterm (aka only 1 exam).


6.     And this time you actually try studying ahead of time so you don’t have any regrets…


7.     But in the end you end up chugging something caffeinated and cramming the night before anyway.


8.     And just when you start to take it easy, thinking it’s all over…


9.     BAM the last wave of midterms hit week 7 and 8.


10.  And the process starts all over again.

11.   Then two weeks later you’re struggling through finals week.


12.  Basically, you realize when you’re living the quarter system, it never ends.


Hang in there UCSD, only 3 weeks until Spring Break!