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10 Small Victories of Finals Week

There are two words that can bring joy to any student’s ears: Spring Break. But standing between us and this precious week are another two doomed words known as Finals Week. For students here at UCSD, Week Eleven is notoriously the most dreaded week-and the fact that it acts as a barricade against the sunny promise of doing absolutely nothing propels us into an even greater state of desperation, stress and unmotivated sluggishness. Nonetheless, in the midst of the many atrocities of Finals Week, it’s the little accomplishments that act as milestones to get us through the gloom of Finals and the glory of Spring Break.
1. Waking up in the morning (or late afternoon) and actually changing out of pajamas (even if it’s from pajamas and into sweats-it still counts)
2. Not scavenging last night’s pizza or burrito for breakfast.
3. Entering and leaving the library while the sun is still in the sky.
4. Not powering through five cups of coffee before its 10 AM.
5. Taking one day out of this horrendous week to sleep at least five hours.
6. Brushing your teeth. Because we know it’s difficult to step away from studying to actually care about personal hygiene.
7. Not being tempted to check Yik Yak every 10 minutes to read about the suffering of fellow students during this week or binge watching every season of Friends.
8. Physically getting out of a chair (even if it is simply to walk down the hallway to use the bathroom).
9. Going outside. For those brave enough to walk beyond the hallway and bathroom to see the light of day.
10. Walking out of your final filled with a sense of relief.


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