Zoey Zawacki '15

Name: Zoey Zawacki

Class: 2015

Major: Environmental Studies/Economics

Relationship Status: Single


How does it feel to be UCSC’s Campus Cutie of the Week?

It feels wonderful! I’m so flattered to have been nominated.


What is on your UCSC Bucket List?

I would love to hike all the way up to Garden of Eden! Or find all 10 college forts!


Your hero/inspiration:

I really like P!nk and my mom. Both are really strong women comfortable with who they are and are confident enough to show it. They don't get steam-rolled and aren't afraid to speak their mind. I have loved P!nk ever since I saw her when I was 11, her confidence as a woman in the industry that wasn't sexualized really inspired me. Her music was what made her great, not her looks. My mom is also an amazing woman. She has made so many sacrifices and is my number one supporter. She always puts our family first and inspires me to be the best person I can be.


If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

1)      Unlimited concert tickets for any event

2)      Take off a year of school and travel around Latin America or Europe

3)      Learn how to surf well


What do you like about Santa Cruz?

I love the sense of community in Santa Cruz! It’s cool to walk around town and run into people you know who are down for a chat or who are willing to help you out. I also like that I can bike everywhere J.


What is your spirit animal?

I like to joke with my friends that I was a seal in my past life. This applies both in the water frolicking in the surf, then out of the water lazing around on the sand in a wetsuit.