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Don’t you even think about revving up that engine unless you have created the ultimate road trip playlist that will keep you and your travel buddies singing and dancing along from your seats! Everyone can agree that music is a keystone necessity to any road trip; the mood-setter for whatever vehicular adventure you’re planning. It is also a no brainer that the radio’s Top-40 doesn’t always necessarily cut it -some songs are simply played out. So it’s best to come prepared with our own unique soundtrack to your life for those road trips. 
This lighthearted, enjoyable playlist is made up of my favorite indie, timeless, and contemporary songs that work well for the perfect Spring Break road trip. I’ve already given you the places to visit. Now, here’s the soundtrack to go along with it! Heck, you can even save these for the Summer. Or I’ll be sure to give you an updated playlist for when that time arrives. XO
In the words of Jack Kerouac, “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” Or put simply: roll the windows down, leave your worries behind and crank up the music! Here are the songs to jam out to:
1. Summer Mood by Best Coast
If you’re beach bound on the best coast –that is the west coast, then this short but sweet tune will have you thinking of sunshine before you even reach the shore.
2. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire
Now here’s something to get you a little pumped. From one of my favorite bands of all time, this sweet tune is great to simply listen to while out on the open road. Gaze at the “mountains beyond mountains with no end in sight.” It’ll make you appreciate and see the nature outside your car window in a different light.
3. Ho Hey by The Lumineers
Guilty pleasure alert! No one in the car will resist singing along to The Lumineers. I sure can’t, it’s such a feel-good tune. “I belong with YOU! You belong with ME!” Put your top down. Sing your lungs out to the road ahead of you!
4. Young Blood by The Naked and Famous
This song by TNAF is a feel good tune. It celebrates youth, so celebrate along. Let the wind blow in your hair and take it all in-you’re alive, you’re free!
5. Vienna by Billy Joel
Ah, good ‘ol Billy Joel. Now here’s a timeless song. You have to incorporate “Vienna” into your road trip soundtrack -this is essential. As the song goes, “slow down, you crazy child and take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while.”After all, isn’t this what the roadtrip is for?
6. Heroes by David Bowie
A timeless classic tune by the one and only Mr. Bowie. If you’re driving through a tunnel on your way to your destination, crank this song up with the windows down and I hope you feel “infinite.” (If you’ve watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower, you get what I mean…)
7. Sweet Lfe by Frank Ocean
It’s a sweet life, ain’t it? Being on the road, accompanied by your friends, or maybe just by yourself. Now enjoy Frank Ocean’s soulful voice in this jazzy tune. It’s a sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet life…
8. Nightcall by Kavinsky 
From the Drive soundtrack, starring the gorgeous and beloved Ryan Gosling. I figure if it’s a long trip, and you’re now driving at night, definitely turn the volume up on this one. You’ll feel as badass as Mr. Gosling driving around in your car. Kavinsky does a spellbinding job with this song.
9. Wild World by Cat Stevens
Here’s a timeless Cat Stevens tune to simmer things down a bit. Let your mind unwind. It’s been a long trip.
10. Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran
BECAUSE THE 80’S THAT’S WHY. Who doesn’t love a little (or a lot) Duran Duran? You’re welcome!
11. Drive by The Cars
This 1984 single from The Cars makes me feel like I’m an actress in a cheesy 80’s chick flick driving in a red Mustang to my beloved, preferably in the rain, with the top down. 
12. Midnight City by M83
At this point, you’re probably exhausted from driving and your travel buddies are just as anxious to get out of the car -that’s what this song is for to get the adrenaline pumping again! No more “waiting in the car…” 
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I'm an Undergraduate Literature Major at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Class of '15. I'm an L.A. native, have been since '93 -but I'm now living in the Santa Cruz county. I enjoy literature and I have a love for books and reading. I have an addiction for fiction. Some of my hobbies, other than reading, are baking, exploring the city, listening to music, and watching Netflix. Yes, that counts as a hobby in my mind. I like to be spontaneous but I also enjoy doing a whole lot of nothing.
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