My Playlist Problem

So I have a problem, I make too many playlists. In the past week alone I have made at least 6 different playlists, if not more.


On my Spotify account I have about 116 playlists that I have made myself since 2016. If we do the math, that would be an average of 29 playlists per year. However, if you take into account that I didn't have Spotify for the entirety of 2016 and the majority of the playlists were created this year alone (about 50, I counted) the math doesn't really work out. So at what point does this all become too much? Have I already passed that point? 

Clearly I have a problem. Maybe, just maybe, the 50 playlists that were created this year are a product of the seemingly everlasting pandemic or it could be stress or it could simply be procrastination. Like the 6 playlists I made last week; 2 are jokes, 1 is me asking for song recommendations (, and the last one I made after adding a ton of songs to my queue then going through my listening history. Not every playlist is made with sincerity or anything, but I think in order to figure it out I need to get to the source of my problem.

Most of my playlists from the last week were really born out of the need to procrastinate my school work. I had a midterm that was an absolute killer, a week to complete it and tons of homework on top of it. Last week’s playlists, I'm going to admit, were made on either the same day or within a day of each other in an attempt to put off starting the midterm. Then looking even further back to other playlists and the circumstances surrounding them, I can recognize I was avoiding the current issues at the time or just plain bored of what I was doing. In life, music is a way to enrich and break up a time that can otherwise be difficult or monotonous. Music is intrinsic to so many people and cultures around the world. This idea of using music to handle problems or distract from them is not new at all. In no way am I saying that listening to music is a substitute for addressing the root cause of things, but it is a way to help make those times better and easier for yourself. Though my playlist thing might be getting out of hand, admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it. 

Maybe this article is a sign that instead of making more playlists to avoid my problems I should start revising them and addressing my issues head on. But for now can someone please tell me: do I have too many playlists or should I make more?


 With all this talk of music I’m going to give some unasked for song recommendations:

-Rhymes Like Dimes by MF Doom and Dj Cucumber Slice

-Fntsy(feat. Jvcki Wai) by So!YoON! 

-Chạy Ngay Đi by Sơn Tùng M-TP

-OK,OK,OK by Lexie Liu

-Onomeatropella by Bejo and Dj Pimp


-Love Supreme by NAO

-Tora Joe by Frente Cumbiero and Minyo Crusaders

-F*ck this World (interlude) by Rina Sawayama

-Star by LOONA

And, to feed my procrastination, please recommend songs to me here: