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Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.

There are a lot of different greek, sorority, and fraternity organizations on campus at UCSC. Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc. (LTA) is one of the sorority organizations on campus that provides their members with support throughout their college career and beyond. This sisterhood “caters to the needs of Latinas and the universal woman” and without a doubt is making a great impact on the UCSC and Santa Cruz community as well. One of their sisters, Stephanie Carrillo Higlesia shared her experience and information about LTA. (Stephanie Carrillo Higlesia is also this week’s campus cutie!)


What is the LTA organization about?

LTA stands for Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. and we are an organization that strives to create a sisterhood that would cater to the needs of Latinas and the universal woman. Our goals as a sorority are to instil scholarly excellence, empower Latinas and the universal woman, have cultural and political awareness, as well as be active in our communities.


As a female empowering organization, what are the most important values that the organization emphasizes and practices?

The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha is to provide a sisterhood based on unity, love, and respect. We desire to develop strong leaders, promote unity through charitable and educational programs, and maintain a higher standard of learning and serve as a voice for all students. Lambda Theta Alpha has contributed to the advancement of all people by helping to produce educated women of many races, ethnicities, and creeds. These women have become political leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, etc. LTA has also paved the way for many other Latina organizations, which would later pursue the empowering movement that we set the trend for. From 1975 to date, Lambda Theta Alpha has upheld its purpose and mission, each day realizing the Founder’s dream – that it may serve as a quintessential trailblazer for all women.

What has your organization done/planning to do for the Santa Cruz Community?

We are providing a support group for underrepresented groups, those including women and minority groups. We hope to instill a sense of pride and strength in the Latino community especially, by being politically active and aware in our community.


How has the organization impacted the community?

We make a point to fundraise for our national philanthropy St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a medical facility dedicated to treating children with cancer or any other catastrophic disease. Furthermore, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion, or a family’s ability to pay. We host our annual Battle of the DJ’s event in an effort to raise funds for St.Jude and other community organizations. We also take part in the annual Multi-Cultural Festival held at UCSC, promoting the mesh and awareness of different cultures in our community.

What makes this organization unique to others?

We are a sorority that promotes the Latina and Universal Woman to strive in our modern world. LTA has a strong dedication to serving the community and supporting all of our sisters and the bond between us. We also hold an annual National Convention as an opportunity for all sisters to meet and participate in a variety of workshops focused on leadership development, philanthropic initiatives and academic excellence offered to, both, our undergraduate and alumnae members. Our members are encouraged to partake in social, cultural, political, and educational activities that help enhance professional skills and develop leadership on campus and in the community and professional careers. During the National Convention, we also celebrate our many accomplishments within the community at our Annual Awards Luncheon.


What is planned next for the organization?

We hope to make a bigger name for ourselves as we continue empowering Latinas and women in our community, as well as find bigger ways in promoting cultural awareness in the Santa Cruz community.


Where can other students who are interested in your organization get more information?

We are currently hosting our Lambda Lady Week, which is a week of events such as socials, workshops, community service, fundraiser, and informational. If you are interested in joining our chapter, feel free to contact me (Stephanie Higlesia) through my email epsilonchil16@gmail.com or simply visit our organization’s website at lta.orgsync.com

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