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Covid-19 has flipped all of our lives upside down, some more than others, so why not help out with these 8 safe ways to volunteer!

Donate Blood!

It’s a safe and easy way to save lives and there is always a need for blood. Organizations that conduct blood drives take extra precautions to keep everyone safe. I’ve donated over 5 times with the RedCross and a few times with UCLA Health and my experiences have been great. Here is a link to find a RedCross drive near you: https://www.redcross.org/give-blood.html

Support Seniors!

Many people living in nursing homes are not allowed visitors, and can get lonely while confined to their rooms. Volunteering to make calls to nursing homes can brighten someone’s day. You never know, maybe you’ll make a new friend :)

Here are some programs that do just that: 

Volunteer Match 

Activate Good 

Send books to prisons!

Inmates are constantly requesting a large variety of books ranging from dictionaries to fiction. If you have any books that you were thinking of getting rid of, donate them to the Claremont Forum! You can also buy books directly from the prison’s collective amazon wishlist. Before donating, make sure to check the guidelines on what books will be accepted. 

Deliver Groceries or Prescriptions:

Do you know someone who has underlying conditions or is elderly? Offer to get their groceries or pick up their prescriptions at your local pharmacy. You may be doing someone an incredible favor. Don’t forget to wear a mask, social distance, and sanitize!

Pen Pal Program with Inmates

Millions of incarcerated people lack strong social connections and are seeking pen pals. Make an inmate’s day and volunteer to write and exchange life stories. There’s a lot to learn from people who have had very different lives from you. Sign up at Meet and Inmate!

Order from Local Restaurants:

Local restaurants have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Most of the time, they are family businesses, and with indoor and outdoor dining restrictions, restaurants don’t have enough customers to stay afloat. If you are tired of cooking, order from a restaurant around your neighborhood. You will be helping their business and you get to eat delicious food; it's a win-win!

Cook Meals:

If you would rather not go out, have you thought of cooking just a little extra and giving a meal to a neighbor in need? Just make sure you are covid free and wear a mask/ventilate your kitchen while you cook. 

If none of those options work for you...

There is always the option to donate! There are many charities such as Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, and Planned Parenthood that are constantly in need of donations.

The New York Times also has a program called The Neediest Cases that supports 10 organizations to provide assistance to the less fortunate. 

You can also use this navigation tool to find other charities.



Being able to stay at home and have limited contact with people is a luxury during this pandemic. Of course, don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with, but if you can volunteer and make someone’s life a little better.  You’d be surprised how good it feels to help and see other’s thrive.


Hi! My name is Anna Lewicki, I am a second-year physics major and philosophy minor. I love to hike, read, and paint with all types of mediums. My favorite foods are ramen and baguette. Happy reading!
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