Her Campus UCSC Goes to Seattle!

It's the first week back in school from spring break and well, I think I speak for many when I say, I wish I had a time machine to go back in time and re-live spring break forever. This spring break, I spent a week in Seattle, Washington. I planned this trip a couple months ago and had been counting down the days ever since! Finals came around, stressed me the heck out, left me on my bedroom floor in fetal position crying tears of caffeine but I survived. I survived just in time for the awesomeness that is spring break. 

As soon as I turned in my final papers, I slept for many, many, many, MANY hours and when I woke up, I was back in sunny Los Angeles. I flew out to Seattle from LAX and made the terrible mitake of booking a return trip. Nevertheless, my week in Seattle was unforgettable and a great experience. Traveling is a great way to, well, explore new places! It's a great experience and the best way to embark on adventures that you'll never forget. 

As soon as I arrived in Seattle, I realized I may have packed a little too lightly in terms of clothing. I packed cute dresses and skirts but not enough warm sweaters because, boy, was it chilly. I wasn't freezing either, but it was definitely a little chilly and a sweater would have been nice. There was scattered rain throughout my stay but on Saturday, for a couple hours, the sun made an appearance BOY IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL AND WOW COMING FROM A SOCAL NATIVE, I HATE THE SUN. 

Anyway, as any tourist would, I documented my stay and took tons of pictures. Here are a couple shots to share with you all! I hope you enjoy them vicariously and I wish that if you haven't already, you book a flight to Seattle and have the time of your life. 

Gas Works Park: 

Gas Works is a public park on the site of what used to be the former Seattle Gas Light Company plant. It's an eccentric park, to say the least. The surrounding views from the park are absolutely breathtaking, and it's a wonderful place to go for a walk, jog, run with your friends, loved ones or your pet! 

Kerry Park:

If you're not staying in Queen Anne Hill during your stay at Seattle and find yourself near downtown Seattle then beware: your walk to Kerry Park will be steep. You can spot Mount Rainier from here, as well as an awesome skyline view of all of Seattle. Being as small as it is, and located in the heart of the neighborhood, it might be hard to find parking or a queit spot to relax but the views definitely make up for the influx of tourists snapping pictures (me, included). The view of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park is something out of postcard or something you've seen a hundred times if you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy! 

Seattle Skyline:

This skyline of Seattle was taken while on a boat cruise of the Seattle harbor. Beautiful, right?! Yes. 

Space Needle:

One of Seattle's key places to visit is the Space Needle! It's an observartion tower and a landmark that was built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World's Fair. The Space Needle has an observation deck where you can take awesome pictures such as the one I took! It's pretty rad, and quite windy up there. Before reaching the top, there's obviously an elevator that takes you up about 520 feet, and the elevator ride only takes 41 seconds! 


aaaand here's a picture atop the Space Needle at night! 

Fremont Troll:

Seattle's Troll Under the Bridge was the one thing I was really looking forward to seeing! I remember always seeing this troll in movies and television so seeing up close and personal was pretty cool. The Fremont Troll is located under the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge. 


The First Starbucks: 

Like OMG, the first Starbucks ever! Let's have a latte. As you may know, Starbucks is a Seattle-based coffee chain and on Pike Place St., the first Starbucks ever is located. There's always a line long outside waiting to go inside, however, there are about 10 other Starbucks just blocks away. But I mean, it's the original Starbucks, I guess that's pretty cool. 

Public Market at Pike Place:

Public Market is an awesome place to go and buy tons of food, souvenirs by local artists, and beautiful flowers sold by locals as well.