Her Campus Summer Survival Kits!

Our favorite time of the year is here: Summer! But before we commence new adventures and new memories, there's finals to take, boo. However, that's where Her Campus has stepped in, to make the end of the school year and great as possible by #CelebratingYourself through these tough times! We all know they can be hard on us, physically, mentally and spiritually but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel if we just hang on! With the help of our #HerCampusSummerSurvivalKit we can care for ourselves in more ways than one. We can exercise our mind and gain new knowledge with books, feed our tummy delicious food, while still keeping in mind that eating good and exercising good is the key, and we can celebrate our beautiful bodies with temporary tattoos (we're too young for commitment)! 

Here's a lit of the awesome things that were in our Survival Kits:

  • Chipotle BOGO cards/free entrée cards: who doesn't love a good friggin' burrito? These are our favorite part of the Her Campus Survival Kits! Finals are coming around and we're bound to get a little lazy with cooking homemade meals, therefore CHIPOTLE TO THE RESCUE. <3

  • boohoo “April Showers” ponchos + #WeAreUSA magazines/promo codes: we're hoping we can use these boohoo emergency ponchos in case of well, an emergency. Come on, sky, rain a little! We're in a drought, we need the water, and we're ready with these ponchoes! Let's celebrate the rain!

  • Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin: This woman is a GENIUS for writing a book about how to finance our LIFE. As college students, we need a lot of direction in this spectrum of our life and as future post grad's, we're going to need it a lot more. Thank you, Nicole, for helping us celebrate our newly founded abilities to finance our money well, and be well on our way to the top! JK, maybe a little far fetched, but thanks for the huge help regardless ;) $

  • Crunch Live -- Free month of online workouts: Well, we have Chipotle burritos into the mix, and that not only costs money (learn to finance well, as Lapin says!) but it also carries a wee bit of calories that we must burn! With Crunch Live and a free month of workouts, we can eat a month worth of Chipotle, learn to finance that budget, and then burn off the money and burritos we spent! Celebrate your beautiful bodies by treating them well <3

  • chloe + isabel GEM cards + bracelets: Celebrate the summer by looking extra cute <3

  • Blink Tattoos: Some of us...aren't ready for the commitment of a permanent tattoo and Blink tattoos is exactly what we need! Wear them with your strappy dresses and tops, out to the beach and have everyone ask "is that real?" No, it's Blink! Helping us celebrate the skin we're in.

  • HCXO keychain: Represent Her Campus everywhere you go! On your favorite summer purse, your backpack or your keys <3