College 8 Senate's Finest

Madelyn Lawrence, otherwise known as Maddie, is the College 8 (C8) Chair for College 8 Senate. She originally is from the East Bay Area, but calls Santa Cruz home. She is a 4th year pursuing an Environmental Studies/Earth Sciences combined major and an Electrical Engineering and Mathematics minor. As chair, she facilitates the local student government at C8 and serves as a representative in the Council of Chairs. Originally, Maddie wasn’t affiliated with College 8 until she was living at C8 her sophomore year and found it was a better fit for her. She became more actively involved with the community and connected with more people by joining Senate. Maddie has a passion to support her peers and keep them informed about all the policies and issues that are affecting undergraduates not only at C8, but also campus-wide. She is striving to be able to provide students with a welcoming atmosphere and support for anybody seeking help.

Q: What are your goals as C8 Senate Chair?

Maddie (M): My goals as chair are to create a welcoming and safe environment where everyone feels that they can voice their opinions and ideas without being shut down or put down, to encourage and inspire the students to look at all sides of an issue before making decisions so they are making informed decisions, and to educate people about various issues that may not normally be discussed through provided and independent research and open discussion. 

Q: What do you want others to know about Senate?

M: I want others to know that they have control over where some of their money goes to and can help make important decisions that shape our campus!

Q: What do you see happening next for Senate in the future?

M:  I see Senate inspiring students to take more active roles in their community and using their knowledge to create positive change within the College 8 community and the UCSC community. 

Q: Advice to students who want to become involved with student government on campus.

M:  My advice to those who want to become involved with student government on campus would be to attend meetings and ask a lot of questions! There are no wrong questions and every point is valid and worth discussing.

Q:  What is the most rewarding thing about Senate?

M: The most rewarding experience I have gotten from Senate is learning and incorporating the various knowledge I have gained from Senate into my life. And all the fantastic friends I have made! :)

Fun facts:

Favorite Food: Pasta

Spirit Animal: Cat!

If you can be any superhero, what would be your name: The REAL Cat Woman – because I would actually be a cat not a person

Editor’s note: Maddie is also a HUGE San Francisco Giants Fan!


If you would like to get involved with student government, be sure to check out the Student Union Assembly website at If you would like to get involved with C8 Senate, meetings are held at 9PM on Monday's at the C8 Red Room, or check the website at