Coachella Fashion Festival!

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is here yet again. Spring has sprung, and the Coachella fever is in full effect. And if there's one thing we enjoy more than the music is the FASHION!  Whether you're looking for some inspiration on what to strut in sunbaked Indio this upcoming weekend as Coachella comes to a close for 2014, or looking for some inspiration for the hot summer days to come, here are some of the looks that our very own Banana Slugs rocked this past weekend. 

A top festival trend seems to be "less is more" in regards to... clothes. The less clothes the better because well, you don't want the sun to melt all your clothes right off. For girls, top trends were high-waisted bottoms, preferably shorts. But still accesorized with your favorite to-go boots! A sweatshirt, or long-sleeve button up is also an essential to your outfit for chilly-ish (if that kind of weather even exists in Indio) nights--wrap it around your waist!

As for the boys... it's obvious that well, the clothes are bound to come off. But who doesn't enjoy a shirtless guy? Flaunt what yo' momma gave ya'. However, when the boys start off their day CLOTHED, stick to a tank and some shorts or light-wash pants to let some breeze in. It's really simple for you boys, isn't it?


Other festival top trends were wide hats to shade you from the scorching sun, all the while looking very chic, sophisticated, and of course, cute! You also can't forget your to-go sunnies so you're not blinded while you're looking up to watch your favorite artist perform. Now, if you want to go a different style trend route and embrace your inner wild child --flower crowns are the way to go! They're the perfect accesory with every outfit, and the perfect compliment to your long or short locks of hair. It also gives you that hippie edge -you can't go wrong with the pretty flower crowns. 

So, go and take on Coachella in the most fashionable way yet while still staying cool but first... TAKE A #SELFIE! 

HCXO :-)