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Calming Audio Diaries to Help You Through Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSC chapter.

For the past few years I’ve recorded the sounds of life around me and made them into 30 seconds to one-minute-long videos I like to call Audio Diaries. I noticed how we, as a society, take our sense of hearing for granted, so my goal is to emphasize the importance of listening, both to other people and to our beautiful mother earth. The audio is raw and unedited because I want it to be as true a representation of the world as I can get. It’s also calming to listen to the sounds of people playing at the beach, or birds chirping in a forest of redwoods. So, as finals are wreaking havoc on our daily lives, I’ve put together a few of my favorite audio diaries to help you relax. As you listen, focus on what you hear and try not to think of anything else.


Flute in the Forest

Imagine walking through the redwoods and suddenly hearing magical music. You turn around the bend and see this man (aka a forest nymph) sitting on a bench peacefully playing the flute. This happened when I was hiking in Redwood National Park this summer.



Guitar at Sunset

Listen as Something by the Beatles is played on the guitar and the sound of the waves keeps the rhythm in the background. 


Body of water during a sunset
Photo by Anders Jildén from Unsplash


Forest Birds

I recorded this audio while laying on the forest floor in Brittany, France. 


Photo by Jens Leslie from Unsplash


Plage de La Pattache

This Audio Diary was taken on the island of Ile de Re in France at the beach La Pattache.




Imagine listening to these birds and flowing water all throughout a hike.


Summer Girl Hawaii Yoga Hiking Exercise View
Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus


Ile de Re

This Audio Diary is also taken in Ile de Re. There are salt fields that are home to all kinds of birds. Listen closely and you’ll hear them. 



Le Metro

I took this while walking in the tunnels of the Parisian Metro. 

ps. as you can see this doesn’t just happen in the movies :)


public transportation
Photo by Ashley Light from Unsplash



This audio was recorded when I was walking through a garden in Kyoto, Japan.


Mt Fuji Japan
Liger Pham / Pexels


Life on a Boat

A few summers back I went sailing for three days; I loved listening to the waves all day. 


boat in front of a sunset
Photo by Katherine McCormack from Unsplash


Mexico City, Mexico

I recorded this while walking the street of downtown Mexico City.


Photo of young brunette woman wearing a backpack and walking down a street alone shot from behind
Photo by Karel Rakovsky from Picjumbo



I volunteer in Lourdes every summer and there is a procession where everyone from all over the world comes together and sings. 


girl french braids hair palm trees adventure venice beach california
Molly Peach / Her Campus


La Marseillaise

This one is less calming, but I still like it. It was recorded in Paris the night France won the World Cup. 


Paris streetview Montmartre cafe with pink flowers
Photo by Marloes Hilckmann from Unsplash


I hope you enjoyed these Audio Diaries, if you would like to listen to more I will be posting my next ones on Instagram @tomotherearth .

Hi! My name is Anna Lewicki, I am a second-year physics major and philosophy minor. I love to hike, read, and paint with all types of mediums. My favorite foods are ramen and baguette. Happy reading!