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My close friend is being mean to me. Should I let it go, speak up, or ghost?

Speak up! Letting it go and not speaking up will hurt you in the long-run, and ghosting is never the way to go. It’s important to recognize that your close friend shouldn’t be treating you poorly, and that confrontation is sometimes necessary to reach a mutual understanding. Be sure to approach the situation delicately. Try to anticipate how your friend will react, and cater your approach towards extinguishing rather than escalating the conflict. Focus on how their actions or words affected you, rather than accusing and blaming your friend. Good luck, you got this!


What is the best way to explore new romantic prospects during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has definitely made dating even more challenging than ever before, and this can make things seem more frustrating. Dating is especially risky right now if you’re planning to potentially meet up in person. First, assess your situation and consider what you’re willing and unwilling to do. Are you open to doing a socially-distanced meet up in person, or are you more adamant about staying at home and going virtual? No matter what you’re comfortable with, be sure to set your boundaries early on and stay true to these boundaries. If the other person doesn’t respect your boundaries, look elsewhere. Also, figure out what your end goal is. What do you want out of this? Are you looking to get into a relationship, or are you seeking something more casual? Among many informative online articles that give advice on how to date during the pandemic, two particularly great ones are by NPR and the New York Times. Articles like these can be especially helpful in navigating new romantic prospects during these complicated times. No matter what you decide, I’d recommend following CDC guidelines and taking COVID seriously. 


What do I do about a “girl best friend”?

If your partner has a “girl best friend” who’s treating you badly due to jealousy, proceed with caution. While it’s easier said than done, try your best to ignore and avoid them. If this isn’t possible though, remind yourself that you’re not the problem here and someone will always be jealous and unhappy no matter what you do. I know it’s difficult, but try your best not to give in to anger and remain calm if you interact with them. Focus on you and what you do, because you can’t control how other people will act. Also, talk to your partner about the girl best friend to hopefully clear the air and get you two on the same page if you aren’t already. Even if the girl best friend hasn’t affected your relationship, talking to your partner can still be extremely helpful in talking about how the situation makes you feel.

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