Your Favorite 2000s Actress is Probably on Hallmark Now

Yes, the store your grandma purchases Christmas ornaments and cards from runs a successful television channel. The Hallmark Channel consists of the most cliché and predictable movies on television today. Meme-worthy content fills these movies, from the overdramatic acting to impractical storylines. According to Broadcasting Cable, Hallmark is the highest-rated and most-watched cable network for women 25-54. With just one look at this age group, there is one group of women that come to mind. Hallmark is the guilty pleasure channel for mothers nationwide. 

Image via Hallmark 

Though Hallmark may not seem targeted to your age group, one look at some of the starring actresses would make you question that. Every Hallmark movie seems to feature leading actresses from extremely popular films and television shows circa 2000 to 2009.  Flip on the Hallmark channel and see for yourself! If you’re wondering where your favorite actress from the 2000s is, she is probably a Hallmark leading actress. Let us go down memory lane and catch up on some familiar faces from the past. 

Arielle Kebbel

Image via Hallmark Channel 

You may remember Arielle Kebbel from iconic films like John Tucker Must Die and Aquamarine. She’s starred in Hallmark films sporadically since 2015 and her newest film, A Brush With Love, aired on April 12th of this year. Kebbel has left her mean girl character behind and has adopted a more compassionate one. However, I'm all for a new Hallmark movie where she plays the badass woman we know and love.

Alexa Vega

Image via Us Weekly 

Carmen Cortez from Spy Kids has seriously grown up. Nowadays, you’ll either see her in Hallmark films or living it up in Hawaii on her Youtube channel. In the film Enchanted Christmas, she stars alongside her husband who also happens to be a throwback to the 2000s. Vega married Carlos Pena Vega, from Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush, and they have one son and another one on the way. It's fair to say that Vega is too busy to go on spy missions nowadays.

Jessica Lowndes

Image via Hallmark 

The infamous Adrianna Tate-Duncan from the 2008 hit show 90210 has quickly become a fan-favorite actress in several Hallmark films. Jessica Lowndes has taken on lighter roles compared to her role as a drug-addicted pregnant teen on 90210. Recently, she’s been featured in more holiday-themed films like A December Bride and Christmas at Pemberley Manor. If you’re looking for a cheesy holiday movie, Lowndes is your gal! 

Lacey Chabert

Image via Hallmark

Lacey Chabert, better known as Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls has starred in over 17 Hallmark movies and more in the making. Yes, the one whose father is the inventor of Toaster Strudel and so desperately wants “that’s so fetch”, to happen. Did I mention that these 17 movies were all made in the last three years? Chabert is undeniably the queen of Hallmark movies and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.