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Yash Eusterbrock: Sprout Up’s Fearless Leader

Known for his adventurous spirit and generous heart, Yash Eusterbrock improves the lives of local elementary students as the chapter director of UCSB’s Sprout Up group. Without any cost, Sprout Up offers college student led environmental education programs to public school students in the California area. At local elementary schools, UCSB students foster genuine connections with first and second graders while educating them about important topics in environmental science. We sat down with Yash to learn more about his experience as the head of UCSB’s booming Sprout Up chapter.

HC: How did you get involved with Sprout Up?

Yash: I got involved with Sprout Up because my brother, Matias, had been apart of the program when he went to UCSB back when it was still called Environmental Education for the Next Generation. So I tried it out my freshman year and loved it!

HC: Why should more UCSB kids join Sprout Up?

Yash: Sprout Up is a great way to get involved in your local community, not to mention a really fun way! The kids are so excited to see you every week, and every week you get to teach them awesome stuff about their environment. My favorite part is when all that childhood energy comes back to you just by being around them! Not to mention that all the instructors who do Sprout Up are pretty awesome people, for which I am very grateful I have gotten to meet thanks to Sprout Up!

HC: What is your most hilarious Sprout Up memory?

Yash: One of my favorite memories with Sprout Up is when I was actually subbing for someone who was sick. I got to go into a class I had never been in and one of my friends, whose Nature Name was Palm Tree, was one of the other instructors for that class. He and I had a great time with the kids making up some pretty funny nature inspired dances, including but definitely not limited to the “Turtle Waggle” and the “Shake Your Palm Tree” dance.

HC: Do you have any plans for Sprout Up for the future?

Yash: Sprout Up is already in SLO, SF, Davis, Santa Cruz, and SB! I would love to get Sprout Up chapters started on other University campuses including LA and San Diego and Berkeley!

HC: What is your favorite part about being a UCSB student?

Yash: My favorite part about being a UCSB student now is same the reason I decided to go here after I visited as a high schooler. Everyone here had a smile on their face, both on campus and off, and were all just incredibly friendly and its such a welcoming community! Also we are holy land for the adventurous; with an ocean on one side and the mountains on the other, there are boundless opportunities for exploring!

With his goofy sense of humor and charming nature, Yash is surely brightening the days of local elementary students by sharing his love and passion for nature with them. Be sure to keep up with Sprout Up by following them on Instagram for hilarious and heart-warming photos of your favorite environmental group on campus!

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