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Are you looking for a way to manifest your goals and dreams into reality? I might have just the solution for you: Vision boards.

Vision boards, or dream boards as some call them, are visual tools to help you understand and focus on important life goals. Much like the law of attraction, the idea is to manifest something that you represent in a tangible or visible way. Many people hear ‘dream board’ and immediately get turned off. It sounds like a cheesy idea, but in all honesty who doesn’t want to reach their goals? If you’re like me, you’ll try almost anything to get to a dream goal. A dream board doesn’t seem like a high price to pay.

Of course, it isn’t only about putting pictures, drawings, and words on a board and having the board do the manifesting. It takes a lot of work on your part too, but having your plans laid out in front of you reminds you to make more decisions that’ll get you to your goals. It’ll also remind you that your goals are within reach (literally).

These boards help ground you. Having a bunch of goals can be overwhelming–I get it. But put your goals on the board and then only pick a few really important ones. This will start to depict the steps you should take towards that goal.

Working towards your goals is one thing, but being reminded to do it everyday is something else. For example, Jim Carrey wrote himself a million dollar check, dated it for ten years in the future and eventually made the amount he wrote on the check from Dumb and Dumber. Here’s another example if one wasn’t enought: Ellen Degeneres printed out her face on the cover of Oprah Magazine as a reminder of her goal to eventually be in the public eye. 

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Creating tangible items can really be the difference between your dreams staying dreams and becoming reality. They help distract you from confounding variables that might deter you from your path. These confounding variables can include doubt, negative thoughts, and critical self-talk. Don’t doubt yourself because your dream board is the first step on the staircase to success.

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Not sure how to go about making one of these amazing boards? No worries. I got you.

1. According to Morning Coffee with Dee, a blog that discusses the art of dream boards, the preparation is essential. It helps to look back on your current year and build off of your accomplishments. Assessing these accomplishments helps you create measurable goals.

2. Next, it helps to look for areas of improvement. This might be one of the hardest steps but once you have this down the rest will fall into place. Figure out your areas of improvement and then cater the steps to your goals with those in mind. Add some bucket list items and create an aesthetic or attractive look. You want to look at this all the time and not get tired of it, so keep that in mind too.

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3. Now is time for the fun part! Find your materials. Many people use magazines, print pictures, draw, create their own graphics, or paint. Pinterest is really great at giving clever, fun ideas for the little things. Always remember that you’re more capable of making your dreams a reality than you think! Having a dream board is just one of the many ways to help you get there.


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Shante Boudaghi is a fourth year Religious Studies and Sociology double major at UCSB who is also pursuing a certificate in Business Communication and Law! When she's not dancing with her collegiate hip hop team, you can catch her teaching kids about the history and fundamentals of Hip Hop culture and dance at different elementary schools in the Santa Barbara area.
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