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I know what you’re thinking. What is this? 2012? But hear me out. It’s not as cringe-y as it seems. I’ll outline it in three clear reasons for you.

1. One of the worst feelings in life is regret.

When you tell yourself that “you only live once,” you’ll often find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that you never thought you’d do. Maybe you’ll try surfing for the first time. You might hate it. But maybe you just found yourself a new passion. Either way, you still tried it. If you hate it, then you know never to do it again. But if you love it, won’t you be eternally grateful to the motto “YOLO”? Live with no regrets! If you want something, then don’t let fear hold you back. You’ll thank yourself later. You don’t want your hair to grow grey and then regret that you didn’t do that one thing way back when; you don’t want to find yourself wondering what your life would be like if you had just been brave at that moment.

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2. Our time here is limited.

Every passing second, minute, and hour is one that you will never get back. Why would you spend that time going through the motions, carrying out the same old routine that you find yourself living every day? Don’t waste your precious time doing only the things that you already know. Be brave! Learn and try something new every day. You really do only live once, and time is going by faster as we speak (or as you read). You tell yourself you’ll do something tomorrow and the next thing you know, it’ll be the next year. Spend your time wisely and do things that you’ll remember. You will literally never be able to get your time back, no matter how much you may wish for it. Enjoy the good moments, and realize that the bad ones will pass. 

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3. It’s college!

You’re young and in a place rife with opportunity and experience. This is arguably the last time you’ll be in such a place. At the same time, you’re allowed to make mistakes. You can slip up and it won’t (usually) be the end of the world. You get second chances here. I cannot think of a better time to live under the YOLO doctrine. Go take that class that interests you, apply for the position that you want, learn how to play the ukulele, and go out with your friends once in a while. Your grades and future are certainly important, but it’s also important to enjoy yourself. Do you really want to live in a bubble your whole life?

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Of course, the YOLO lifestyle comes with some contingencies: be safe, don’t hurt others, and don’t do anything that could very likely derail your future into a massive pile of smoldering rubble. I guess you could say that these conditions could apply to just about anything. But life (in my humble opinion) isn’t meant to be lived so safely all the time. Just be reasonable, and you’ll be fine. I could really go on and on about why this cringe-worthy 2012 saying is in the running for one of the most inspirational mottos of all time, but I think you get my point. Life is the longest and most beautiful thing you will ever have the privilege of doing, so really just live it to the fullest.

Connie Yoon is a second-year student hoping to pursue a B.A. in Communication and Economics at UC Santa Barbara. She is from San Ramon, California and she loves to ponder the deepest questions in life and wonder where her future will take her. In her free time, she gets great joy from a good run along the water, an interesting podcast, and the occasional Netflix binge.
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