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One item has kept me organized throughout the rigor of college academics and my social life. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things school, life, and socials: the iPad. My iPad has stuck with me through thick and thin, has seen me at my best and my worst, and holds quite possibly my nearest and dearest possessions (ie. Netflix and my photos).

I was lucky enough to attend an “Apple Certified” high school that used iPads, and I brought this same device with me to college – and I couldn’t love it more! I not only feel put-together and organized when I pull my iPad out in class, but I also feel more confident tackling my tasks with it by my side. Overall, I love that my iPad is a place where I can academically and personally succeed. I feel that it is perfect for anyone in college because everything is in one place, whether you need to access social apps for clubs or documents for classes. I also love the ease of switching tasks both IRL and on screen; I can toss my keyboard in my backpack and transition to handwritten notes with an Apple Pencil in the blink of an eye! And, by the way, I’ve never felt this way about my laptop (which sits alone on my desk, collecting dust). Perhaps I’ve grown too attached to this inanimate object, but I truly believe that my iPad is what gets me through the day! 

Even though I get a lot of “iPad kid” jokes, so many people tell me they wish they had an iPad like mine! My TikTok for you page has also shown me lots of iPad love, like this video. To help with (and possibly grow) your iPad craze, I have suggestions for some accessories, organizational apps, and other tips for anyone considering an iPad for school!

Although the iPad on its own is great, there are some key accessories that I recommend to create the most user-friendly experience! First and foremost, a cute, protective case is a must-have. I’ve had a simple one from Amazon for over two years, and it’s kept my iPad fashionable and functional. I also highly recommend Bluetooth keyboards, which are great for typing notes during lectures, and versatile so you can move them anywhere. But, if you prefer handwritten notes, an Apple Pencil and paper-feel screen protector will be your best friends! Together, this combo allows you to take handwritten notes, and feel like you’re doing it on paper.

Once your iPad is decked out with some gear, it’s time to fill it with apps! Some of my favorites for school are Notability and To-Do. Notability is a great resource for jotting down notes directly on professors’ slides, writing out long equations (or so my STEM friends have told me!), and for typing regular notes. It also offers plenty of features like cute templates, and a “convert to text” option that will make your handwriting into typed words. No matter what style of notes you prefer, notability has a multitude of options for you to customize them just the way you want! Lastly, I cannot stress enough how much I love the To Do app. On To Do, you can create folders and individual lists for any category you need! I use this app for schoolwork, tests, club events, deadlines, and even grocery lists. I input every task or event I have for classes or clubs, as well as their date and time, and I feel so prepared for the coming activities! My favorite part is the fun sound it plays when I check off my tasks. I genuinely would not survive without this app— it’s everything to me!

Whether your back-to-school shopping cart needs practical supplies, organizational tools, or just a pick-me-up, an iPad is sure to be fit for any of your schooling needs this upcoming year!

And, yes, I wrote this article using my iPad.

Eva is Her Campus at UCSB’s Editor in Chief, as well as a third year Communication major at UC Santa Barbara, where she writes about anything and everything she feels is exciting, fascinating, or entertaining. When she isn't writing for Her Campus, she is usually overthinking, working on one of her projects, or listening to Taylor Swift.