Which Festival is the Biggest Bang for Your Buck?

After talking to avid fans of festivals I have put together a list of some of the best festivals of the year. Including some of their pros, cons, and prices. Most festivals have an early sale price that increases as the date of the concert approaches, plus the tax of course. Hopefully these descriptions help you make the hard decision of which festival will grace your presence this year and for years to come!

  1. 1. Lightning in a Bottle-$375

    Lightning in a Bottle, or LIB, is unique because you never leave the festival arena, all festival goers stay in the campground area for the entirety of the weekend. Most festivals include camping as an option but it is a part of the LIB experience. Since everyone is stuck in one area it turns into one big free for all, in the best way possible of course! There is yoga in the morning and sunsets over the lake. All the ingredients for an unforgettable weekend. Plus, no expensive hotel prices!



  2. 2. Outside Lands-$385

    Outside Lands occurs every summer in Golden Gate Park located in San Francisco. You are likely to spend just as much or more on the hotel as the tickets, but there is always the Airbnb option. The vibe at Outside Lands could be compared to the free spirited, Bay area vibes of Coachella. This may not be the best choice for our rave goers, but a prime option for all our hippies out there! In researching this festival I did not come across one bad review, everyone who spent the money for the three day festival said it was well worth it.

  3. 3. EDC-$319

    The Electric Daisy Festival, or EDC, is a three day extravaganza that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Similar to Hard Summer in that it is a scene for the true rave lovers out there. With light shows and epic stages galore, this is the place for magic to happen. Since it is located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway you have to include hotel prices in your budget, which can get quite expensive, so make sure to get a good group together. The interactive features and art displays made the experience that much more worth the trip outside California. According to a friend that attended EDC, she claims the best part was everyone’s kind and welcoming attitude. Her least favorite part was the two hour wait for the uber after the night was over! The festival is known to attract some of the best artists and djs each year so buying tickets in advance and setting up a payment plan may be the best course of action if this is something you are truly interested in experiencing.

  4. 4. Coachella- $430 

    This festival needs little to no introduction as it is one of the most famous festivals in the world, as well as the most expensive. Many people question if the three day festival is worth the dent in your wallet but people claim the overall vibe and people you come across is a once in a lifetime experience. The hardest part is the heat of the desert and the long walk from the shuttle to the stages, minor faults that are easily overpowered by the headliners, and hype around the event. While budgeting for this weekend you must include a place to stay, start getting a good group together that you can spend the day with before you head to the festival in the evening, and of course, the outfits! Coachella has emerged as a fashion show as much as it is a festival over the years. If you are planning to attend Coachella I have to say it is worth it to take the time and money to get dressed up because you will not have many opportunities to dress to impress in this extravagant fashion again. Or if dressing up is not your thing, the music is never a disappoint in Coachella Valley.

  5. 5. Hard Summer- $179

    Hard Summer has consistently come under harsh critique over the years. This festival is not for the light hearted as it takes place in the middle of desert, under the beating sun amongst thousands of other ravers. If you choose this festival make sure it is not just for the low price, but for specific artists you are excited to see and enjoy live. Hotels will be cheaper than some of the other festival locations, and you will also most likely spend less money on clothing because it is only a two day festival and the vibe is much more laid back than festivals such as Coachella. The festival has moved locations multiple times over the years but in 2019 it will be happening at the Auto Club Speedway in San Bernardino, California. My advice is to pack a fan, a big reusable water bottle, and a bandana to block the dirt from your face!