What Your Fave IV Restaurant Says About You


You’re Isla Vista through and through. You take full advantage of UCSB’s close proximity to the beach by skipping class everyday to go surfing/tanning. You live in rainbows and beach attire 365 days a year. Your chill ‘tude grants you a lot of patience – how else could you stand the long AF lines?



Well don’t you have your act together? You probably got a 4.0 last quarter, are graduating early, and do, like, yoga and stuff. Namaste. You’re the parent of your friend group, always making sure everyone gets their daily veggie requirement before a long night of shot-taking in IV.



You’re the life of the party! Pint Night is in your regular weekly routine, as evidenced by the dozens of Woody’s cups hidden in your kitchen cupboards. When you walk down DP on a Friday night at least ten people stop you to say hello. You never remember any of their names, but that’s ok – you’re charming enough to get away with it.



There is a 90% chance you wear super trendy glasses and own at least one pair of those hippy elephant pants. You’re a coffee connoisseur – pumpkin spice lattes just won't cut it for you. You’re involved in the arts in some way or at least an admirer of the hipster lifestyle. Also, you probably walk around barefoot a lot. Please stop doing that.


Bagel Café

You’re definitely NOT a morning person. The only thing that drags you out of bed on a Saturday morning (or afternoon) is the enticement of a freshly toasted bagel smeared in cream cheesy goodness. You probably know all the best shows to binge watch on Netflix and spend most nights up late, requiring some greasy bagels in the morning. Or you’re just hungover.