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It’s that time of the week when you might be asking, What Happened, Hollywood? Let’s get started…

1. The Suite Life

Here we have it, folks! Finally we have some childhood Disney stars that have continued on with their success. Cole and Dylan Sprouse graduated this past Wednesday from NYU with honors! Cole majored in Archaelogy and Dylan in Video Game Design. Fun Fact: the twins wanted to push off going to college another year to film an extra season of their show, but ultimately chose to follow the educational path…clearly, that was a good one.

2. Mary-Kate & Ashley WON’T Be in Full-er House

It has been confirmed: the twins will NOT be in the Full House spin off show so that they can “focus on their fashion” and other “business endeavors”. It seems like that house won’t be so full after all… at least Uncle Jesse will be there, right? 

3. Get In, We’re Giving You A Tour

Remember that big mansion that Regina George lived in? The one with the huge fountain in the middle of the driveway? Oh, and you can’t forget about Regina George’s master bedroom. That house is now on the market, selling for a whomping $14.8 million! Check out these pics of the famous house!

4. Iggy Went Under the Knife?!

Yep, it’s true. Not only has she already had a breast augmentation, but she just recently debuted her new nose job and chin implant at the Billboard Music Awards. Do you notice the difference?

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