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What Happened, Hollywood?

It’s that time of the week when you might be asking, What Happened, Hollywood? Let’s get started…

1. We Were All Rooting For You

It has been approximately 2 years since Lindsay Lohan left Cliffside Rehabilitation Center in Malibu and she has actually been holding up, congrats! But there’s a catch — she needed to complete 125 hours of community service and she’s only completed 10! Those 10 hours might not even count because she’s been doing those hours from the comfort of her own home (kind of the opposite of what community service is supposed to be). C’mon Lindsay, we’re all rooting for you!

2. Protestors Are STILL Buying Kim K’s Book

On Thursday night at The Grove shopping plaza in LA, Kim Kardashian was at Barnes & Nobles to promote her selfie book. Meanwhile, animal-lovers were protesting outside the bookstore to protest the Kardashian wearing fur. Protestors claimed that with her influence in pop-culture, she should be instilling animal-friendly ideals, but if they’re going to be protesting against her wearing fur then the last thing they should be doing is buying her book, which they did. So who’s really winning here? 

3. Kylie Jenner Admits the Obvious

The only reason everyone has been focusing so much on Kylie’s lips is because she’s been hiding the truth instead of flat out saying it. People would have been over it by now had she said it earlier. But without further ado, Jenner finally admits to getting “temporary lip fillers,” which translates to botox, considering botox is temporary and you need to get it redone after a certain amount of time. It’s ok, the first step is admitting it… 

4. Congrats, Sofia Vergara!

Ms. “Hilarious” Sofia Vergara was awarded with her very own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Thursday, May 7! We love seeing new actors/actresses getting their own star, it’s like initiating them into the Cool-Club.

5.  Another Sugar Bomb Victim

Adam Levine got sugar-bombed when he was signing autographs outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in Hollywood! “Sugar…yes please…”

6. Don’t. Cry. Don’t. Cry.

Ok we’re still mourning over Nina Dobrev  leaving The Vampire Diaries at the end of this current season, but watching this promo made us realize that we’re only 1 episode away to saying goodbye to Vamp Diaries for good! Not cool, not cool.

Hey collegiettes! My name is Kim, I'm from L.A. and currently a third year Communication major at UC Santa Barbara. The DREAM is to be the next entertainment news anchor to dish out on everything pop-culture! When I'm not on social media you can catch me at Sephora scoping out new beauty products :)
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