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What is a webtoon? Webtoons are basically comics that are published online. Webtoon originated from South Korea so most of the webtoons I’ll be recommending are translated (with the exception of Space Boy). All of these webtoons can be found on the Webtoon app as well as online. Hope you enjoy!



Author: Taejoon Park

Chapters: 230+

Lookism is about a high school boy who gets bullied for his looks. One day he wakes up and is in another body. Lookism is my favorite webtoon of all time. There are a lot of dark themes that are explored within the books that show the reality of society. Those who are unattractive are looked down upon and not given the same advantages and opportunities as those who are attractive. Themes include cults, homelessness, scams, prison, gambling, and more.

True Beauty

Author: Yaongyi

Chapters: 41+

True Beauty is similar to Lookism, but a lot more lighthearted. True Beauty is about a high school girl who learns how to do makeup and makes her “high school debut.” This webtoon shows the typical love triangle, but also an aspect of Korean society that I find interesting. True Beauty shows the reality of being a trainee (Korean idols have to train before they can make their debut). Themes include suicide, trainee lifestyle, and coming-of-age.


Space Boy

Author: Stephen McCranie

Chapters: 205+

Space Boy takes a different spin as we enter the life of a girl named Amy who’s transported from her home country to Earth. We follow her as she transitions to the lifestyle and adapts to the technology of Earth. She meets a mysterious boy named Oliver and her entire world shifts when she learns about the mission that Oliver is on. Themes include friendship, loss, transitions, and coming-of-age.

Days of Hana

Author: Seokwoo

Chapters: 97+

Days of Hana is about a society in which werewolves and humans coexist. Werewolves are seen as pets and humans own them. We follow Hana’s story as she begins to realize that werewolves deserve to have the same rights as humans and should not be treated any differently. Themes include prejudice, love, and friendships.

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