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Wait, What’s A “Brr” Basket And How Do I Make One?

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Halloween has passed, Starbucks has brought out the holiday cups, and I can hear Mariah Carey’s whistle notes off in the distance. Whether or not you think it’s too early, you can’t deny that the Christmas vibes have arrived! I know I’m ready — I’ve spent my last three lectures curating my Christmas wishlist. 

So aside from the gingerbread house-making competitions, ice skating dates, and viewing Christmas lights, what else are couples to do during the Holiday season? I know all the boyfriends out there thought they escaped the dreaded boo baskets. While you nearly made it out unscathed, may I introduce to you…brr baskets!

From Boo To Brr

A girl loves any excuse to get a gift so naturally we invented boo baskets. The TikTok trend included baskets full of essentials for the spooky season, including but not limited to candy, pumpkin-flavored treats, and Halloween blankets. While the seasons change and Christmas quickly approaches it is the perfect time to transition from “boo” to “brr.” Lucky for all the significant others out there, I’ve created a guide for how to put together the perfect burr basket for your love!

brr Basket Guide

Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are essential any time of the year, but especially during the colder months. There are so many cute designs you can get that are perfect for Christmas! Keep your boo warm and toasty with a pair of these bad boys!


Blankets are the best gift you can get for your loved one this time of year. Can you imagine snuggling up together under a warm fuzzy blanket? Just put on Elf (obviously the best Christmas movie) and the vibes are perfect! 

Hot Cocoa Kit

As one of the biggest hot cocoa fans out there I can assure you that a kit is a necessity to any burr basket out there. You’re in luck because Target sells pre-made kits, including the fun ones with the hot cocoa bombs!

Holiday Mug

What better to compliment the hot cocoa kit than a mug to put the hot cocoa in? Reindeer, snowmen, Santa, the options are endless when it comes to picking holiday-themed mugs! You could also feel free to throw in the Starbucks holiday tumblers if you know your girl is a Starbs lover!

Stuffed Animal

There’s nothing a girl loves more than a good stuffed animal. In fact, I assure you that any girl reading this has at least 10 on her bed right now. I’m sure you’ll even get brownie points if it’s a holiday Squishmallow!


Come on, everybody deserves a pair of pajama pants to celebrate the holiday season.  Bonus points if you get a matching pair! But in all honesty, Victoria’s Secret always has the cutest pajama sets (hint hint).


Once you’ve changed into your pajamas, settled in under the blanket, and are sipping your hot cocoa out of your mugs you’ve got to set the mood! What better way to do that than a nice Peppermint Sugar Cookie or Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla candle from Bath & Body Works?

Holiday Snacks

That’s right, hop in your car and make your way down to Trader Joe’s, and treat your girl to the sweet holiday treats she deserves! You have so many options: Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe’s, Dark Chocolate Covered Minty Mallows, Peppermint Flavored Mini Hold The Cones, and so many more! With such a hard decision at your fingertips, I think you have no choice but to get them all!


Nothing hits as hard as a pair of nice comfy slippers. While you don’t need to drop $100 on a pair of Ugg Tasmans (even though I’m sure your partner would not complain), you should definitely include a pair of cute slippers in your burr basket!


After the toll all the holiday season stress takes on everyone, your significant other deserves to relax! Throw in some face masks, Tree Hut body scrubs, and holiday-scented bath bombs to help aid the de-stressing process.

Are brr baskets just another excuse for the girlies to take advantage of free gifts? Maybe, maybe not. Either way they’re the perfect way to start off the gift-giving season! So head on down to the mall and treat that someone special someone in your life to a brr basket!

Hey I’m Isabella and I’m a first year pre-communications major at UCSB! I love Taylor Swift, reading, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach!