UCSB's Woman of the Month

Michelle Obama once said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” With that being said I think it is important we honor women of all backgrounds and ages, and especially our peers. This month I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow UCSB student and good friend who I believe is a perfect example of what women can achieve.

Diana Quirarte,19, is a second-year who is double majoring in sociology and feminist studies. She was born in Mexico but grew up in the Bay Area. Diana is also very involved on campus, she is currently a member of the sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. When I asked Diana why she joined a sorority she said, “for the sisterhood and I thought it would be fun." Diana is also part of the Poetry Club, Polynesian Dance Club, and LEAD, a club for those wanting to go to law school. She has even volunteered to teach elementary kids how to hula dance. Diana said she strives to become a lawyer, so I was curious as to why she wanted to be a lawyer. She says, “I see a lot of corruption within the government, and we need to break the system. I really want to get into politics in hopes of making a big change.” 

Image via Polynesian Dance Club

I also had the opportunity to ask Diana, “What does being a woman mean to you?” To this, she responds, “When I think of a powerful woman, I think of Michelle Obama. Despite being Barack Obama’s wife, she was able to make a name for herself, and when she would be disrespected or criticized she still overcame it all and continued to help others and start programs.” Diana also believes that “doing what you feel is right” is an important aspect of being a woman. It is like taking control of your own body and self.”

My last question for Diana was “What is your big dream?” She said, “For racism to end and to become a citizen.” Despite many obstacles, Diana continues to push forward and I believe that is what being a strong independent woman is about. She is also a great representation of many other hardworking students like her here at UCSB, which is why I believe she is the woman of the month.

Image via Diana Quirarte