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UCSB Roommate Horror Stories

We all have intersting stories about our roommates, whether they're good or bad. Here are some stories about roommates HERE at UCSB that will make you thankful about your sweet roomie! 

“One night my roommate came stumbling in to our room because he was so drunk. He thought that our floor was the toilet so he started peeing on the floor of our room.”


“My roommate would periodically come in to our room at 4 am, super drunk, and turn on the lights and start screaming and cussing. I don’t know at what, and I don’t know why, she would just cuss at something. One day it was a pillow, another day it was a stuffed animal. You could never guess what she would cuss at."


“My roommate once took in a feral cat without telling me. One day she fed the cat some sushi from the Ortega dining commons and the cat threw up all over the floor. It was the worst smell I’ve ever experienced. I made her kick out the cat that same day.”


“My roommate had a tapestry hanging next to her bed so it’s closed off and you can’t see her on the bed. One night when I came home and I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I look up and see a naked guy step out from under her tapestry. And then, another naked guy steps out. I never looked at my roommate the same way again.”


“My roommate and his friends would experiment with a lot of drugs. One night I went to sleep and all his friends had left. I woke up to see him right next to my bed, staring right at me and saying a bunch of jumbled words. Needless to say, I never slept in that room ever again.”

“My roommate had a slight sleepwalking problem. One night, I woke up and saw him come to my bed, lift my blanket up, place it down on me, and tucked me in like a burrito. I was frozen in fear in bed. I tried to get him to see a sleep therapist right after.”


"On a particular day I started smelling a disgusting fishy smell coming from the closets. Each day it got even worse. One day, when my roommate wasn't home, I opened her closet to see what the smell was coming from, because I knew it wasn't my closet. I saw a bag full of used pads. My roommate never threw them away. I was never as disgusted as I was at that moment."


“My roommate kept a carton of milk right on top of the fridge. Not in the fridge, but on top of the fridge. At the end of the week, the whole room smelled like rotten milk and it was solid in the carton. It smelled like that for another 2 weeks.”

“One night, freshman year, I walked in to my roommate hooking up with a girl. I was so tired that I didn’t have the energy to wait for them to finish. I looked straight at my roommate, said “Don’t mind me”, grabbed my earphones, and climbed in to bed. They kept hooking up and I played some loud music and went to sleep.” 


"One day I walked in to the bathroom to see my roommate with MY toothbrush dancing to Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' - naked. I was fine with what he did in the bathroom but did he have to use my brush? He said he didn't have time to go buy one and besides 'you won't die if someone else uses your brush.' " 

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