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Turning Saturday Night’s Party Outfit Into Monday Mornings Business Attire

So now that you’re almost in the “Real World”, it’s time to start thinking about a more business-conscious wardrobe.  Crazy right? I’d much rather be spending my money on State Street getting a new little black dress, some sexy pumps, or going-out tops.  But the truth of the matter is, it’s better to ease your way into work-friendly attire now than having to scramble for clothes when you finally get the internship of your dreams.  Maybe it’s time to say adieu to those ripped boyfriend jeans, or your favorite band t-shirt, and professionalize your closet.  The ladies of HerCampus wanted to give UCSB’s collegiettes™ some tips on making Saturday Night’s party outfit into Monday morning’s business getup.

Cardigans and Blazers:  So maybe some of your tops aren’t as conservative as your mother would have hoped.  Cardigans are a great way to hide your slinky off the shoulder blouse or low cut shirt.  And for a more professional look, blazers add a more mature touch to any outfit. 

Skinny Jeans:  Skinny jeans are a great investment because they serve a dual purpose.  Dress them down on the weekend with a pair of sexy heels and a low cut top, and dress them up during the week with some cute flats and a blazer. 

Scarves:  So your boyfriend marked his territory on your neck… Again.  Lucky for you, thick scarves are back in— even during the summer!  Throw on a cute sundress, with a floral scarf and a cardigan, and you’re off to work.

 Hair: Although it may not seem like an accessory, the way you style your hair can really change the way you look.  Loose sexy curls for the weekend can easily translate into a side ponytail the next day. Who wants their hair in their face when they work anyways?

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