Trends I’ll Never Get Behind

It seems everywhere I turn I see an advertisement, article, or commercial that is telling me what the hot new trends are going to be. We are cycling through fashion and beauty trends as if there is no tomorrow, and honestly, it is hard to keep up, especially if you are broke college student who can’t afford to be dropping money on every item that is deemed the next big thing. While I have participated in some of the big trends myself, the lob, the off the shoulder tops, and velvet, I have decided that constantly being on trend and caring about what’s in is exhausting. I decided to stop following trends and wear what I want to wear, whether that coincides with what is currently trendy or not. This way, I buy clothing and makeup that I love, rather than just something that I like, and then get rid of a few months later when it is deemed heinous to be wearing again. After all, trends do not last. (Unless of course we are talking about the resurgence of the 90’s that has taken over lately).


With all that being said, here are some of the trends I will definitely never get behind.


DISCLAIMER: These are all my own opinions for myself. Keep on rocking anything on the list below, if you love them!


1. Adidas Superstars

2. Feather Eyebrows

3. Tank tops over tee shirts



4. Bare Butt Jeans


5. Fur Steve Madden Slip Ons (In Public)


6. Kylie Cosmetics

Photo Credit: 12 3456