Transfer Student Life: 4 Ways to Make the Most of It

As a transfer student, it can be difficult adjusting to a new environment. You may want to dive right into a bunch of organizations, but you just don’t know where to start. As a fellow transfer student myself, I struggled to adapt to this new university that I began to call home. So, here are some things that have helped me adjust and create a meaningful experience, even in a pandemic.

books on bookstore shelf Photo by Alfons Morales from Unsplash

  1. 1. Get to Know your Professors 

    As a student, I learned early in my academic career that getting to know your professors was key to being successful. It's a nice way to get to know faculty, and making those connections can help give you a basic guide to adjusting to your new school. As a transfer student now, I found that getting to know my professors has helped me feel more open to joining discussions and has made me feel that I am gaining valuable experience in the course

  2. 2. Join Organizations that Interest You

    Getting involved helps you be a part of your campus community, while also getting to know your own interests. If you’re into Graphic Design, for example, find organizations that meet that interest. You may also want to look into on or off-campus organizations catered to your major. By doing so, you'll make connections with people that have similar goals and interests as you.

  3. 3. Find Your Transfer Community

    Just like you, there are many transfer students going through the uncertainties of adapting to a new school. Finding transfer communities and individuals through social media can help you meet people that are going through a similar process, and you can create meaningful bonds along the way. 

  4. 4. Don’t Rush It

    It can be scary coming in as a transfer student, and you may not always enjoy every organization you try, or you may not find a community that fits you right off the bat, and that’s completely fine. Use this time to test the waters, find groups that interest you, and make meaningful experiences in your new home.