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Tinder 101: Guide to the Perfect Profile

Admit it. Whether or not you have it downloaded on your phone, you have a Tinder account. With the craziness of college, the idea of dating is a pain. Tinder has added the ease and convenience factor into our lives by letting us swipe on whoever we want, whenever we want to. The problem with Tinder though, is the profile. It has too many pictures to choose from and an endless possibility of ways to impress our potential match. But that’s what science is here for! Here are a few tips and tricks to achieving the perfect profile and potentially meeting the partner of your dreams!

Smile and tilt your head

Image credit: Kal Loftus

Include a picture of you showing your pearly whites and tilting your head. A genuine smile makes you perceive yourself as friendly and researchers say that- on average- pictures with these photos are rated as more attractive. Show off those dimples 😉

Body Language

Online daters should use photos with expansive postures, according to a 2016 study. People with open arms and stretched torsos were twice as likely to be rated as attractive, the researchers found.

According to another 2016 study, people should use photos that showed open body language were more likely to get a match! Open body language has always been a key point in daily life whether it’s just talking to someone or going into a job interview because it highlights confidence! Open arms and stretch torsos were twice as likely to be found attractive.

Group Photos

Image credit: Jessica Castro

Nobody likes to see a profile with just selfies of yourself. Put in a group picture with you and your friends! Show the swiper that you’re having a good time with your friends, cause researchers say that group photos are more desirable to online daters. 

Wear Red!

Image credit: Jakub Gorajek

Put on your favorite red top or your boldest red lipstick the next time you take a photo. Studies show that the color red portray boldness and power, so next time you need a new photo, spice it up with the color red!

Keep it simple

You know what they say: less is more. Try to keep your bio description short and sweet because researchers say it makes you more memorable! Readers only take a few seconds reading descriptions, so having your bio simple can increase likeability.

Be funny

Image credit: Dan Cook

Everyone wants a partner that can make them laugh and smile, so you should try showing the humorous side of yourself! Having a sense of humor increases your likability and your chance of getting a match. Everyone knows that laughter is one of the most important ways to develop a relationship!

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