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Throwback Songs Everyone Needs to Re-Download

Picture this: It’s the early 2000’s and you are either in elementary school or middle school. You are in your room blasting your favorite songs and reciting all of the lyrics. What song is playing? Maybe some old school Miley Cyrus or The Backstreet Boys? When was the last time you listened to those songs? In honor of remembering our childhoods, and finding a simple way to de-stress, here are the top 10 throwback songs everyone should re-download!

1.     Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney (2004)

Because what pre-teen girl didn’t want Jesse McCartney to be their boyfriend?

Listen here!

2.     Don’t Forget- Demi Lovato (2008)

This was the ultimate sad break-up middle school song, and it MUST be brought back.

Listen here!

3.     1985- Bowling for Soup (2004)

It’s almost guaranteed that everyone on the planet knows all the lyrics to this one.

Listen here!

4.     A Little Too Late- JoJo (2006)

If you didn’t love JoJo at some point you’re probably lying.

Listen here!

5.     I Want It That Way- The Backstreet Boys (1999)

The Backstreet Boys aka the ultimate babes of late 1990’s and early 2000’s *swoon*

Listen here!

6.     Gives you Hell- All American Rejects (2008)

The perfect song for any breakup/best friend fight/mood booster.

Listen here!

7.     Burnin’ Up- The Jonas Brothers (2008)

Nick, Joe, and Kevin together… Need I say more?

Listen here!

8.     The Middle- Jimmy Eat World (2001)

No better song to scream the lyrics to with all of your BFF’s.

Listen here!

9.     So Sick- Ne-Yo (2006)

We never really understood why Ne-Yo wrote a love song when he was “so sick of love songs”, but either way it’s a classic.

Listen here!

10.  Potential Breakup Song- Aly and AJ (2007)

The ultimate badass breakup song for any sixth grader, yet still extremely relevant today.

Listen here!

If only we could remember our class notes as well as these song lyrics…Happy listening Gauchos!




Lily is a senior at UC Santa Barbara studying Communication and Education. She loves making lists, minimalism, public media, and breakfast foods. Her planner is her best friend.
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