Thoughts on Big/Little Pairings

The big sister/little sister tradition of a sorority goes far beyond the bond displayed across an Instragram post. Joining a sorority gives you a sense of sisterhood that is unexplainable to anyone who isn’t part of it. We carry on each year the tradition of taking on littles or accepting the guidance of bigs because it makes college feel much more like home. It's amazing having an older student to guide you, a sister to listen to your problems, and most importantly the makings of a best friend to laugh with you during the best years of your life called college. Granted your big gives you presents for a week, but the point is not what you get. It’s there to show you how special you are to be a part of the sisterhood. Some big/little pairings don't end up best friends, but it is another person you can turn to in times of need. 


The bond between Bigs and Littles is a very special one to note, and one that definitely becomes a major part of the sorority experience. As we wait for big/little reveal or anticipate the exchange of paddles and plaques, one thing is certain: these are the little moments to cherish in a sorority.