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Things We Do While Procrastinating For Finals

As you all know finals are coming up, and we are all dreading them.  So we tend to busy ourselves with anything and everything to put off studying as long as possible.  Here are activities we are all guilty of while procrastinating studying for our finals:


That episode I left on is such a cliffhanger, I have to watch the next one!  And the one after that.  Maybe the whole season.


My room has never looked so dirty.  No time like the present to clean and tidy it up!

Online Shopping

With Christmas and New Years coming up, you have at least five new outfits to buy.  Not to mention Christmas presents!  Even if your bank account says you shouldn’t. 

Social Networks

Scrolling over Facebook and Instagram endlessly, even though you have already seen and read everything on your feed. 

Texting/ Calling every single one of your long distance friends. 

“Hey, how are you?  Thought we should catch up!”


Finals are so overwhelming, and I’m soooo tired.  I definitely need to catch up on some zzz’s before I start studying.  That way I can refuel my brain!


Gotta get ahead of all those holiday calories!  At least I’m doing something good and productive…right? 

Talk to your roommates about all of the papers and tests you have to write and study for. 

“I have so many finals!!! I shouldn’t be talking to you right now.”

Now get back to studying gauchos!

Siobhán is a fourth year English major at UCSB. She is originally from the Bay Area and still misses hearing "hella" on the daily. She loves the ocean, photography/ film, music, and good eats (especially burritos). In her free time, she likes to obsessively watch Netflix, watch the sunset, and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen! You can see what she is up to on her instagram @swetzelll.
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