These Signs from the SB Women's March Are So On-Point

The Women's March stormed not just the nation, but the world (s/o to my peeps in Antarctica), making history as the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. Protests everywhere exploded way past the expected numbers - here in Santa Barbara, thousands of people showed up to the march, a number extremely larger than the estimated 500.

Right away, sign slogan standards were set by the main chant ("What do we want?" "Women's rights!" / "When do we want 'em?" "A hundred years ago!"), but there were a ton of amazing signs and posters that people brought with them that stood out.

Here are some of the best ones:


Cat with bow and arrows with the caption "We will fight for Planned Parenthood"

Looks like there were some artists in attendance.


"Even Melania Looked Sad!"

Fun fact: The back actually said "#Trump So Sad"


Love Always Wins

Because the idea that protesters are hateful beasts is laughable.


"Our LOVE Beats Your Hatred"

Get over it.

#5, 6, 7, and 8:

 "March like a girl", "Teach/Peace", "Womens Rights = Human Rights", "America stands for human rights everywhere. That is greatness."

That Teach/Peace one is pretty trip. Also, note: the person holding the "March like a girl sign" is (probably) a guy.


 "Im With Her."

With all the division in the country, reminders like this of what's really important are key.


"My uterus is not up for grabs, Trump!"

Not 100% sure whether this is about women's reproductive rights or rape culture, but seeing as both are huge issues...

#11 and 12:

"More <3 Less Hate" and "Make America Kind Again"

Both of these signs are so beautiful, just like the messages.

#13, 14, 15, and 16:

 "BE NICE. -Poppy 4 years old)", "I know signs I make the best signs Theyre terrific Everyone agrees" "Hate has no home here"

I honestly don't know which one of these is my favorite. (Also, can anyone translate the second?)


"Hate Won This Election" and "Truth Matters -Pay Attention -Investigate -Speak Up"

Probably the coolest part of the entire protest was getting to see all of the support from the bystanders.


"Its not just America. We are the World. We are the Children."

There were actually a lot of children at the march, but only a couple (like this one) were holding up impactful signs like this.


"My uterus is private property."That's probably the cutest drawing of a body part I've ever seen, honestly.

#20, 21, and 22:

 Think World, Not Hate" and "I cant believe we still have to protest this crap in 2016", "Science is Real and I love it"

The top-right one especially hit me hard since there were a ton of people there who had been going to protests since the sixties.


"Silence is not an option."

100% true. (Let's hope everyone remembers this in the future...)



As long as we're not talking straight-up violence, I'm totally on board with this.

#25 and 26:

This crossword puzzle one is just a work of art, honestly.

#27 and 28:

"Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Power" and "Girls just wanna have fun-damental human rights"

There were actually quite a few signs that read "Girls just wanna have fun-damental human rights".

#29 and 30:

Okay, here's a really important message to remember: Trump himself isn't actually what's wrong with America today - but his rise to power is definitely an enormous wake-up call.


A special treat for all the literary nuts.




Listen! To! This!


No mercy here.


Because, real talk, Carrie Fisher was a legend gone way too soon.

And finally...#36:


"Love, not Hate, makes America great"

Because that might just be the most important message of all.