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The *Best* Christmas Trivia To Quiz Your Friends And Family On

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I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more ready for a break from exams and academia, at least until next year. If you feel the same, though, I bear great news — break is quickly approaching! 

In just a few short weeks, many of us will be home for the holidays, surrounded by family, friends, yummy food, warm blankets, and quite honestly the best vibes ever. However, all this time at home may eventually bring its own set of problems. 

In years past, I’ve found that the first week of break is everything I need it to be, but once the excitement of being home settles and family time starts to become a little monotonous, I’m searching for new activities to restore the jolliness. 

But this year I’ll be prepared, and you will too, because what better way to elicit holiday cheer than by an intensely competitive game of Christmas trivia? I personally can’t think of one!

Whether you test your family’s knowledge of these merry facts, or simply use them to become a little more educated yourself, here are some fun things you might not know about Christmas that are sure to bring peace, joy, and love into your life this holiday season.

“Jingle Bells” Was Originally A Thanksgiving Song

I would argue that “Jingle Bells” is one of the most iconic Christmas songs to date, so it is fascinating to note that it actually started as none other than a Thanksgiving song.

James Lord Pierpoint originally titled the song, “One Horse Open Sleigh,” for his church’s Thanksgiving concert, but the song was later re-released with its current title.

Celebrating Christmas Was Once Illegal

You read that right. From 1659 to 1681, the Massachusetts Bay Colony had a law called, “Penalty For Keeping Christmas,” that ordered those who were caught celebrating the holiday to pay five shillings.

The Puritans were clearly not fond of Christmas, citing their reasoning for the enactment of this law to be that the holiday brought “a great dishonor of God,” among other reasons.

The Average American Will Spend Nearly $900 On Christmas This Holiday Season

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American will spend $875 in total on various holiday related food items, decorations, and of course presents for friends and family.

Overall American spending is also expected to increase 3-4% this year, with the total money spent estimated to be somewhere around $960 billion (with a b).

During World War Two, Prisoners Of War Received Playing Cards With Hidden Maps As Gifts

Allied prisoners of war in occupied Europe were allowed to receive mail from the Red Cross, so the allies partnered with the United States Playing Card Company to produce a deck of cards that included a hidden map.

Each piece of the map was concealed between two super thin layers of a playing card, and when the card was fully submerged in water, the map would be revealed.

Dr. Seuss,’ The Grinch (2018), Is The Highest Grossing Christmas Film To Date

Though this film is not the first Grinch movie, and was in fact made a long time after the 1966 original, it still boasts the title of the highest grossing Christmas film of all time.

This movie made $526.7 million worldwide, with $271.3 million of that contributed by the United States alone.

While these facts are super interesting on their own, their true value comes from those you share them with, and what better time to have family bonding than the holidays.

I hope these facts help spread joy within your family, and I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy holiday season!

Ally Jobe

UCSB '27

Ally is a first year Sociology major at UC Santa Barbara, where she finds particular joy in running, reading poetry, and admiring the sunset. She is elated to be a part of such an amazing group of writers, and she hopes, above all, that her work brightens your day.