Target Finally Opened in SB and We're Screaming


The store itself is such a staple a necessity if you will. With about 1.2 million daily visitors and over 27 million Target Cartwheel users, it’s hard to imagine a life without such an affordable and convenient store.

Personally, I grew up a solid 1.2 miles away from a Target location, and this store had always been a go-to when it came to buying necessities like clothing, food, school supplies, toiletries, etc. It’s just so easy when everything is in the same place, and the way the store is structured makes you feel like you have to buy one of everything on the shelves. So even when we only came in for a box of band aids and a toothbrush, you’ll end up leaving with several boxes of cereal and toiletries you didn’t even know you needed.

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When I applied to UCSB, I used Google Maps just to poke around and see what food and shopping options where in the area, and I was absolutely flabberghasted when I saw there was no Target. Not even a location that was remotely close. The closest one at the time was all the way in Ventura, a 40-minute drive away.

After a desperate Google search (that consisted of “target ucsb?”), there was a Reddit post saying that a Target was opening in 2018. Soon after, Target announced on Twitter that there will be an opening on Upper State Street, on the corner of State Street and La Cumbre Rd.

And it’s finally here!

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It opened about 2 weeks ago, and better yet, Target announced another location. A second target that’s closer to campus. It’s set to be in Goleta, replacing the Kmart that was once there. Happy shopping!

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