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Take Your Nail Game to the Next Level: Try These 5 Female-Owned Press On Nail Brands

Let’s admit it, the pandemic has really taken a toll on our nail game. With many nail salons closed due to quarantine and do-at-home nail options out of stock in stores, it’s a dire time to find a solution. 

Having a fresh manicure is one thing that always helps me feel confident and put together. It also allows me to further express my style, personality and femininity. Not to mention, a fresh set of nails is the perfect pick-me-up whenever I’m feeling down. 

Although, these times do make it harder for one to have good nails. Once the salons closed and my acrylics were 4 weeks outgrown, I spent hours trying to file them down, smooth and paint them until I eventually gave up. They needed to come off ASAP and I needed a long-term solution to this problem. 

In the search to up my nail game, I found five female-owned glue on nail brands that will surely impress. These companies offer all different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and prices with easy application processes. There's an option suitable for everyone and I highly suggest you step out of your comfort zone and give one a shot!


Static Nails

Static Nails is a woman-owned brand that features the first reusable, luxury pop-on manicure made in the U.S. These trendy nails are super thin to give you a natural look and are claimed to be easier on your nail beds. This is due to their very own nail glue formula that’s uber strong but not as damaging, allowing them to last up to 18 days. 

Most importantly, these high-quality pop on nails have vegan ingredients and are cruelty-free. You can now find them in Sephora and Urban Outfitters, but be sure to visit their website for the best deals and discounts, especially during the holiday season!

Marmalade Nails

Sunja Mitchell, founder of Marmalade Nails, decided to take matters into her own hands when she couldn’t find unique press on nails with the high-end, artful designs she preferred. 

Mitchell's brand offers custom nail art ranging from $12 to $35, and there’s a variety of nail sets from simple to more “extra” designs. You can find matte, nude, iridescent, glossy, chrome and jelly styles with choices of coffin, stiletto, square and round shapes. If you want a ton of options for a good price, this site is your next destination. 

Clutch Nails

Founder and UC Berkeley alum, Alexandra Tonks, started her brand in college hoping that her product would be in Target one day. Her goal came to fruition by the time she graduated, and now Clutch Nails is the best-reviewed press-on nail in 2020!

Clutch Nails are said to last two weeks and come in a large selection of styles, lengths, and colors. They even offer holiday-themed nails and options for every season of the year. Also, this brand is one of the only to have monthly nail set subscriptions for as low as $10 a month, and bundles of three sets for $34. Make sure to check out their deals as most items are half off right now and don’t forget to join the Clutch Club for maximum savings. 

Rave Nailz

Braelinn Frank is an Austin-based nail artist who started painting her designs on press on nails and selling them on Etsy. She creates designs that are not for the faint of heart, including dark, witchy nails and even sets that chain two fingers together. 

These nails range from $20 to $30 each and you can also buy them in kits of three to four sets, as well. If you are bold enough to rock these daring claws, go check out Frank’s website or Insta. Let your witch vibes flourish!  

Nail Mail XO

If you’re the go big or go home type when it comes to nails, Nail Mail is the perfect site. This brand is a U.K. based press-on shop that specializes in long and extravagant nails. 

Featuring Power Puff Girls, Louis Vouitton, Marukami and Hello Kitty designs, you can get all the trending Y2K looks. These sets cost between $19 to $40 which is honestly pretty good considering how much it would cost to get designs like this in an average nail salon. You can even email them to create your own custom designs, as well! 

It’s always important for us to support smaller businesses, especially ones run and founded by womxn. By trying out all these amazing options, I'm confident that my nail game will be on fire going into 2021, and now yours will be too!

Nicole Wakeland, or Nikki, is a current 3rd year at the University of California, Santa Barbara who is pursing a major in Communications and a minor in Professional Writing. She is a writer for the Daily Nexus' On the Menu section, as well. Nikki is a painter, sushi lover, and wannabe coffee connoisseur who also loves picnics and walks on the beach.
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