Successful First Tinder Date Stories - Traveling Edition

Imagine you’re on vacation, looking to try something new in a place you’ve never been before. If you’re anything like the adventurous people who have shared their stories for this article, you’d download Tinder and say, “What do I have to lose?” We’ve all heard of the dating app Tinder and some pretty interesting stories from those who've used it. The experiences I’ve heard have ranged from fun, entertaining and successful to awkward, dull, and disastrous. Either way, it’s always something different. There's a common stereotype that Tinder is just for hookups, which can be true in some circumstances and depending on what you’re looking for, but there’s another side that has brought some bold college students some of their favorite memories. In these cases, the students used Tinder to try their luck while traveling - because what better time to do something crazy? Here are some of their spontaneous yet successful first Tinder date stories:


Australia does EDM too - hard style?

Maddie was studying Abroad in Sydney, Australia in the fall where she fell in love with the friendly people and laid back vibes. She loved having the best of both worlds - an easily accessible city center with busy shops and restaurants along with the mellow harbor surrounded by the beautiful coast. During her mid-semester break and with plans up in the air, Maddie decided to give Tinder a shot, not expecting anything special. She matched with a Sydney local who just so happened to have an extra ticket to this “hard style” EDM festival - Defqon 1. Even though hardcore techno, house, and trance weren’t necessarily her thing, she said “okaaaay I’m down ;)” Maddie met her Tinder date at the gates to the festival and immediately hit it off with his welcoming personality. She entered the hot and dusty venue a bit overwhelmed, but was blown away by the colorful and elaborate stages. It was her first time seeing someone with a water jet pack, who was floating in the air and performing some tricks on the lake that enclosed the festival grounds. She especially loved seeing people “muzzing” which is a style of dance developed in Australia and involves synchronized arm movements - a move comparable to the popularity of “shuffling” in the US and Europe. With her easy-going Tinder date, Maddie says her day at Defqon 1 was one of her most memorable experiences in Australia.

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A Night in Kyoto with an unexpected Gaucho

Issac was studying abroad studying abroad in China for the summer and continued to travel after his program ended. He decided to check out Kyoto, Japan, looking to escape big cities and enjoy a more traditional, mellow environment. Because he was traveling solo, though he'd never used Tinder before, he decided to check it out to see if he could find someone to join him in exploring the city. By chance, Issac matched with another solo traveler who happened to also be a student at UCSB! They met up at the train station to see the Daimonji festival, which consists of giant bonfires lit on the mountainside to symbolize the spirits of deceased family members. But after getting lost on the way, they settled for a moonlit walk along the river and through Kyoto’s famous bar alleyways. Issac and his date ended up wandering into tiny karaoke bar, where they made friends with the bartender who spoke very little English. After a couple of tequila gingers they even got up on stage and sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Bonding over their coincidental status as UCSB students and love for traveling, they ended the night at an underground nightclub before they both took trains to different cities the next day. Even though they are no longer in contact today, Issac will never forget their romantic night in Kyoto, all thanks to that Tinder connect.

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Hitchhiking in Maui

For spring break, Audrey was in Hawaii with her two best friends. On her last night, she was determined to meet a local surfer boy to show them around. She downloaded Tinder and came across the perfect opportunity - except the boy wanted to meet in Lahaina, which was on the other side of the Island and a $60 uber ride from where Audrey and her friends were staying. Throwing all her cares out the door, Audrey said “Let’s just hitchhike!” Waiting on the street near their airbnb, her friends were skeptical (as anyone should be) and were ready to back out. But after flagging down the first car and seeing that it was a couple of girls their age, they immediately felt more comfortable. The girls they hitched a ride from dropped them off safely at a bar in Lahaina where they met Audrey’s tinder date and a group of his friends. Audrey was intrigued by the thick Hawaiian accent and long curly hair her date and his friends had. They all grabbed poke for dinner, played corn-hole, and talked about must-see sights in Maui over drinks. They even talked about going cliff diving that night, but were scared off by the possibility of sharks in the water. It wasn’t your average one-on-one romantic night on the town, but it was a fun night with a cool group of people. Audrey and her friends plan to hit up their new Hawaiian friends next time they go to Maui to follow through with their cliff diving plans.  

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You never truly know what you’re going to get with Tinder, but who knows, it may turn out to be a successful adventure.


*All names have been changed to ensure those who shared their stories remain anonymous*