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Style Inspiration: Emma Stone

Alright, no sane person on this planet can deny the fact that Emma Stone is the true definition of what it takes be a boss ass bitch. She is beautiful, hilarious, talented, hard-working and OH COME ON!

Can we talk about girl crush?! (not to mention MAJOR man crush on Andrew Garfield. Wow.) And as if her quick wit and angel face weren’t enough, the woman has some of the best street style we’ve ever seen. Now, unfortunately, we can’t all wake up one day and be Emma Stone. But we can do one of the next best things (besides actually getting off our butts and doing some volunteer work): dress like her. 

01. Two words: denim jacket.

And just look at the perfect mid-parking lot pose. Ugh.

How to rock a similar look:

To give the denim jacket a more dressed-up feel, pair it with a top that’s more than everyday t-shirt. Lace will add an extra oomph and color-blocked sandals always look elegant.

Link to view individual pieces here.


02. Plaid gone classy. 

How to rock a similar look:

Again, pairing a flannel with a more sophosticated top underneath will bring your entire outfit up at least 5 notches. This creme bouse is phenominal and the necktie minimizes the need to accessorize.

You can find links to the pieces here.


03. Double denim done right. 


How to rock a similar look:

In case you don’t already know, the key to killing the double denim game (and not end up looking like a nightmare straight out of 2001) is to wear two distinct shades. Pairing it with some beige tones also helps keep the look low-key. 

Links to pieces are here.


04. Modern Moto.

How to rock a similar look:

If you want to really feel like a badass, a moto jacket is the motto (I’m so sorry)! It will add edge to just about anything you have hanging in your closet, need I really say more?

You can find links right about here.


05. A pop of floral.

How to rock a similar look: 

Spring is just around the corner, so you know what that means! Time to be pretty as a flower and bust out floral print. I like these shorts paired with a solid black top because it’s super cute but nowhere near overbearing. Also perfect opporunity to bust out pastel colored shoes.

And your link is here.

Any other celebs that are your style icons? Let us know! But in the mean time, keep slaying Emma Stone. 

Sociology major at UC Santa Barbara. Passions include: Taylor Swift, fashion, FRIENDS, chocolate, Snapchat and sassy t-shirts.
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