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Struggles of Finding the Perfect Foundation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSB chapter.



Foundation, something that we obviously care a lot about. If you’ve ever gone to search for a new foundation, chances are that you probably tried a good number of different ones before finding the one you truly liked. It’s really important that we get the right one because it can make or break your look. It can make you look more natural or if it’s not right, really cakey or like your face is two completely different colors. When one buys foundation, not only do we have to consider quality, but whether or not it fits what we want it to do, price, and tone too! The struggle is real isn’t it?! Here are some of the struggles that you might have to face while looking for “the one”.


Trying to find the right foundation when you have extremely sensitive skin

If you are like us and have really sensitive skin, it is extremely difficult to find the right foundation! Once I tried a foundation that people were raving about but two hours after applying it, my face got extremely red, irritated, and extremely itchy. Something that might work for others definitely might not work for you! So I guess you just have to keep on trying.

Trying to find the right foundation when you have an extremely restrictive budget

If you have ever walked into Sephora looking for a foundation, chances are you were prepared to spend a lot because most of the makeup there can get expensive. It’s also hard buying one from your local drugstores because you don’t have the ability to test it.

Trying to find the right foundation for your skin color

Something that is key when looking for a foundation is actually finding one that goes with your skin tone. Since it may change from season to season, it’s important to find one that actually matches! In our experience, there have been many times that we thought our new foundation went really well with our skin tone, but once outside of the store, it looked completely different and we had to start our hunt all over again. Boy is it frustrating.

Trying to find just one foundation but you end up buying two in order to get your color

When thinking about purchasing foundation, you might think of just buying one. But sometimes, in order to get the perfect color to match your skin tone as best as you can, you might have to end up splurging to mix two shades. Bye bye, paycheck!

Trying to find the right foundation but there are too many options

Did you want sheer coverage, light coverage, or full coverage? Is your skin dry, combination, or oily? Were you looking for a powder or a liquid foundation? Do you want it to have a matte finish or a dewy looking finish? The questions just go on and on and sometimes you don’t even know because you hadn’t even thought that far! There are just too many things to consider! 


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