Staying in SB for the Summer? 5 Things You Must Do!

  1. 1. Visit Downtown Santa Barbara 

    What better way to spend a summer day than strolling the streets of downtown Santa Barbara with your friends. You can shop the many stores and boutiques that are down the famous State Street and find some new summer clothing--even just window shopping can be fun too! But if going to stores is not your thing you can also enjoy some ice cream from McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream or the countless of other frozen treat shops located down the street. Besides eating yummy deserts and shopping for clothing, there are many beautiful art pieces around downtown SB that can be perfect for a photo shoot. There's colorful painted murals, beautiful scenery all around you and night lots filled with sparkling lights. Perfect for your next Instagram post!


  2. 2. Have a Sunset Picnic at the Beach 

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    The best part of Santa Barbara are the beautiful beaches that surround the coast. The cool ocean breeze, the beautiful sunsets and the outdoors are just what we need during the summer time. This brings me to my second activity you must do while staying in Santa Barbara in the summer, have a sunset picnic on the beach. Whether it's with a group of your besties or going solo, spending time at the beach is always relaxing and you are guaranteed a good time! Summer is the perfect time to lay out in the sun and enjoy the cool ocean breeze so take advantage of the beauty nature provides in SB!


  3. 3. Take a Road Trip to Solvang 

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    Wanting to explore an interesting and unique city near Santa Barbara? Take a small road trip to the city of Solvang! The town has a lot of history and interesting stories behind it making it all the more fun. The city is known for its Danish-style architecture that makes it feel like your in a different time period. There are all kinds of foods you can try and outdoor activities that can be planned throughout your trip. So call some friends and adventure out to a fun new place!

  4. 4. Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo

    Summer is all about having fun and enjoying the day while the suns out. So grab your friends and head over to the zoo! Learn about all the different kinds of animals that are within the Santa Barbara Zoo, as well as catched some really cool pictures there as well! In all honestly, anything can be fun and exciting when you're surrounded by the people you enjoy the most. And what's not to like about an opportunity to feed giraffes? I mean, I'm all in!

  5. 5. Take a Walk Down Sterns Wharf  

    This last activity might be simple, but you are still guaranteed a good time. Taking a walk down Sterns Wharf, which is one of the many piers here in Santa Barbara. With its beautiful ocean views and twinkling night lights, it's the perfect place to head to for an evening walk during those warmer summer days. Sometimes the best moments come from the little things in life. Enjoying the outdoors has to be one of the most rewarding things in life that you can do to enjoy yourself--and a little bit of yummy food can always make anything better!