Sophisticated Sabrina

Name: Sabrina McGraw

Age: 20

Major(s): Political Science, Philosophy

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

Hobbies: Reading fantasy novels, watching Netflix, playing soccer and softball, playing my saxophone, going to dinner with my little



Sabrina is not just a member of the UCSB's Co-Ed Pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta—she recently was elected President. Before this, she held two other positions within the fraternity, Professional Development Chair and Alumni Chair. Sabrina is not only one of the most driven people I have ever met but also the most supportive and giving. I asked her a few questions that will allow you all to get to know her better, and here are her answers:

What drives you to succeed in college?

At the end of fifth grade, I had a teacher who told me that he would check up on each and every one of his students every year to make sure they were getting good grades. Driven by a slight sense of fear, I put a lot of effort into my schooling the next couple years. As I did so, I began to realize that learning was incredibly rewarding and I fell in love with it. Now as a college student, I continue to be passionate about learning and that helps me to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and effort it takes to succeed in my classes. However, If my passion falls short of inspiring me, then looming law school applications usually do the trick. 

What do you like about UCSB in particular?

I love UCSB because it has helped me become a more balanced person as it offers so many opportunities for students to explore all their interests, not just the academic ones. I formed a Skaa band, played in a space-themed orchestra, tried (and failed) to surf and paddle board, and competed on numerous intramural sport teams. 

How does it feel to be the leader of an organization?

Because I have been a member of Phi Alpha Delta ever since fall quarter of my Freshman year, I have dedicated most of my college career to it. It is an incredible feeling to now be president as I have the opportunity to draw from my experiences in the organization and to help shape its future.

What advice do you have for girls who are interested in becoming leaders?