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We’re not in high school anymore, which means that we seek more than just any random liquor bottle that happens to be sitting on the table. We’ve grown past cheap, crappy beer and hard lemonades and are ready for a taste of adulthood. Drinking just got so much better, people! These simple cocktails are not just easy to make, but they make you realize that there is so much more to drinking alcohol than just getting drunk. You’re gonna love these 6 easy-to-make cocktails.

*Tip for beginners: Don’t ever go with a bottom shelf liquor unless you’re absolutely broke and believe you can handle the gnarly hangover that follows the next day!

Gin & Tonic

Starting with a classic, but it’s just so easy to make! All this bad boy needs is two shots of gin with tonic water, with a juicy lime wedge garnish. Boom! You got yourself a delicious drank!

The Paloma

About two shots of tequila with grapefruit soda. The classic brand to use is grapefruit-flavored (“Toronja”) Jarritos, but basically any brand can get the job done. Don’t forget that lime wedge!

Cuba Libre

Why yes, it is just a fancy name for Rum & Coke. But again, classic. Two shots of rum with some good ol’ fashioned coke, then garnish with a lime wedge (fun fact: the lime wedge makes it a Cubre Libre, otherwise it’s just a Rum & Coke).

Salty Dog  

If you want a proper Salty Dog, you must salt (or suger!) the rim -just in case you don’t know how: slightly wet the rim, flip the cup upside down on some salt, and ring it around). Next, add two shots of vodka with grapefruit juice, but instead of buying any ol’ brandname, best results will call for freshly squeezed juice from an actual grapefruit.

7 & 7

Two shots of Seagram’s 7 (the only one that requires a specific kind of liquor… but hey, we’re lookin’ at a specific kind of taste) with 7-Up and garnish with a lime wedge.

Dark and Stormy

Two shots of gin, then make about 1/3 of the drink ginger ale, with the rest of the drink consisting of lemonade. Finish with a lil’ cherry on top! 

Try out these easy-to-make, fancy drinks and you’ll be sure impress with your bartending skills at any party.

My name is Lauren MacDonald and I am the former campus correspondent and editor in chief of Her Campus UCSB. While at UCSB, I dedicated much of my time to Her Campus as I strongly believe in its ability to empower women to tell their stories. I graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies.
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