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Signs Your Relationship is Over the Honeymoon Phase

A time of googly eyes, constant affection, and overall being disgustingly in love… ah yes, the honeymoon phase, the most exciting part of any new relationship. A time when the butterflies are in full effect and you’re spending 24/7 with your significant other. A typical honeymoon period can last from a few months to even more than a year, but when it ends does it mean a relationship is in peril? Not exactly, a relationship coming out of the honeymoon period can be just as lovey-dovey and secure as it was before. Here are some signs that your relationship is over its honeymoon phase:

1. You’ve run out of new places to eat.

In the beginning of a relationship, you’re constantly going out on dates and eating out. However, you eventually run out of new places to try and instead transition to the dreaded question of “Where do you want to eat?”. If you’re both indecisive this can be a really annoying dilemma until someone finally makes a choice. 

2. You don’t mind being a little gross.

In the honeymoon phase, you’re still trying to maintain an image in front of your significant other. Once you’re out of this stage, all bets are off. Whether it be farting or burping in front of your SO, once you let the first one rip you settle into a comfortably gross period where you couldn’t care less about being embarrassed. 

3. You’re chilling out on the PDA.

We’ve all seen those couples out in public, the ones who can’t keep their hand (or lips) off of each other and it makes everyone around them uncomfortable. In the honeymoon stage, your sense of public decency seems to be forgotten, but it slowly comes back as the phase passes over. Couples settle for less offensive forms of PDA like hand-holding and spares the public from feeling awkward for witnessing the affection of strangers. 

4. You’re making time for friends again.

When you’re getting into a new relationship it seems like you sacrifice all other things going on in order to get to know your SO. Sadly many friendships pay the price during this stage. However, when you snap out of it and begin to manage your time more judiciously between your relationship and your friends this creates a healthy balance. Maintaining friendships while being in a relationship is essential as a support system.

5. You’re more likely to be annoyed/get into fights.

Sadly, when the honeymoon phase passes and the rose-colored glasses come off many couples experience their first disagreements and fights. This may be due to you finally noticing little faults or annoyances that you were previously blind to or that you’re delving into more pressing issues that seasoned relationships tend to have. Conflict is a completely normal part of relationships and does not necessarily mean that its the end of yours. The old cliche rings true – communication is key, and openly expressing how you feel to your partner is important.

6. You’ve settled into a routine.

It’s widely considered that “the chase” where a new relationship is forming is the most exciting and fun part of dating. Learning new things about your SO and going on adventures all contribute to the hype around honeymoon period bliss. Once you’ve “settled down” in a sense you settle into a routine with your SO where you can just expect what to happen. Some people may worry that this stagnation can mean the end because you or your partner might become bored. The mistake in this is that comfort and stability are not equitable to boredom. Relationships that become routine can still be full of love and satisfaction, the honeymoon is just the beginning. 

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Leah is a 3rd year student attending the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing a double major in Communication and Sociology. When she's not tagging her friends in memes, she enjoys watching YouTube makeup gurus and attending music festivals (when she can afford them). She hopes to pursue a career in the field of social marketing and/or public relations. Follow her on Instagram at @itsleaah!
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