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Sigma Nu: Recolonizing on UCSB’s Campus!

After being known as one of the most popular fraternities at UC Santa Barbara, Sigma Nu is ready to reclaim their territory by reopening their chapter with a new group of men that hold their founders’ same ideals-Love, Honor and Truth. After wanting to know more about the new Sigma Nu chapter, I interviewed Tyler Saenz, the Expansion and Recruitment Consultant for Sigma Nu, who gave me the inside scoop on their image, recruitment information, and the different ways to contact them.

Why is Sigma Nu reopening their chapter at UC Santa Barbara?
The main contributing factor in bringing Sigma Nu back to UCSB is the overwhelming alumni support. After the chapter closed, the alumni showed a serious interest in bringing the chapter back as soon as possible. Once we got approval from the University, we got the ball rolling immediately.
When is your recruitment? How many people will you take?
This is our first week of recruitment and we will continue to recruit men for the remainder of the winter quarter for the founding class of members. However, recruitment will continue year round for anyone who still wants to get involved. We haven’t set a minimum or a limit for how many members we are willing to take. Ultimately, we will accept as many members as are qualified to contribute to the fraternity in a positive way.
What image does Sigma Nu want to portray?
Sigma Nu was founded on the values of Love, Honor and Truth. In addition, we were founded directly in opposition to hazing. The intention is for our members to personify and perpetuate these values as an organization.
Will Sigma Nu have a fraternity house? If so, where at?
Sigma Nu does not currently have a house. For the winter and spring quarters the colony will be focused on recruiting and training a group of men to be a successful fraternity at UCSB. Once the colony begins to become established, housing options will be explored; likely for next or the following fall quarter.
Will and how will this chapter be different from the old Sigma Nu chapter?
The Sigma Nu colony will be a completely new set of men that will operate under the same designation (Kappa Eta Chapter).  The colony is in somewhat of a proving period before they earn their charter and become recognized as an fully chartered chapter again. The men joining now will have the opportunity to create their own traditions and have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on campus.
Who should people contact if they are interested in joining Sigma Nu?
Anyone who may be interested can contact me directly: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>. They can also check out either our website (ucsbsigmanu.com<http://ucsbsigmanu.com>) or our Facebook page (facebook.com/ucsbsigmanu<http://facebook.com/ucsbsigmanu>). From there they can fill out a membership form or post on our wall.

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