Share Your Stories With Indisposable Concept

Film photography has made a comeback. And there's a better way to stay on top of this trend than scouring antique stores for a vintage Nikon and buying specialty film that costs more than the camera itself. Disposable cameras are pocket-sized, inexpensive, and not as fragile as your iPhone or DSLR. As a result, they're the device of choice for many when it comes to capturing memories during parties, music festivals, camping trips, and more. Plus, the resulting photos have a washed out vintage look, so you can ditch the Instagram filters. But don't just share the photos with your followers – share them with the world by having all 24 exposures featured on Indisposable Concept! 

Indisposable Concept is the #1 disposable camera project in the world, with its goal being to exhibit how others see the world around them in its purest form. After all, photos can't be deleted from a roll of film, and you can never be exactly sure how they'll turn out. Simply buy a disposable camera, spend a week capturing photos of your adventures, and either email the developed photos or mail the camera itself to Indisposable Concept. Not only will they feature the photos in your own personal gallery on their website, but they'll also post a few on their Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr!

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